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Monday, June 2, 2014

More Steam Tanks for All Quiet on the Martian Front!

Scott has already done a great job looking at Alien Dungeon's Steam Tanks for All Quiet on the Martian Front, but I painted mine up and wanted to share them! Similar to how I did my tripods, I will show my process and the finished result.
Another shot of the plastic frame.

 A MkIII assembled.

 Next to a Flames Of War Panzer III- this is a big ol' tank!

 Assembling my first batch!

 I used this coarse pumice gel to put in the coal bin on the back of the tank.

 I just slapped it in with a putty knife. Note: I did this BEFORE priming in all cases, except for my test tank.

 All of the tanks primed. I used Vallejo Surface Primer Russian Green. Love this stuff! The end result will be tanks that are significantly darker than Scott's (and those featured in the book).

 Next I drybrushed them liberally with Vallejo Green Grey, and painted the tracks Vallejo Hull Red.

 Finally, I used Vallejo Dark Brown Model Wash to do some weathering.

 Just wanted to make the tanks look a bit rusty and streaky, Note I also drybrushed "up and down" along the side of the tracks to aid the streakiness.

 The cast of characters so far.

 After a quick drybrush of oily steel over the tracks, it's time to do my oil wash. For more info on how I do that, please see my article on WWPD.

 Next comes the weathering! I liberally drybrushed Flat Earth all over the tank, followed by Beige Brown just along the bottom.

 The decals I used were Battlefront's French range. Alien Dungeon makes a fantastic set of decals, but I gave our copies to Scott.
 Just awaiting a Matte cote.

 MkIIs all done.

 Next to some US infantry

 More Mk IIs
 Mk IIb

 I only did one Mk III this round to see how it looked, but will finish out the unit shortly.

 For scale

 All of my tanks!
US Forces so far.


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