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Friday, June 6, 2014

Bolt Action - LRDG Podcast Episode 15

Episode 15: The 50/50

The LRDG crew are back in this 50/50 coin flip of an episode.

In segment one, Dave, Tobu, Lachlan and Brad tackle a slab of beer as well as topics such as Marines, 3D printing, Chinese conscripts and the use of AT guns.  

In segment two, Patch, Anfernee and Brad are joined by special guest Alistair from Home Guard Radio (in)fame(y) to discuss Russians, upcoming tournaments AND a hell of a lot of painting and modelling talk.  

TONS of the CRUNCH all around.  Tune in, relax and enjoy!

We at the LRDG would like to humbly thank The Pietasters for granting us permission to us their song "Wasted" at the end of our episode. For more info about this seminal Soul/Ska band (they are our brand of hooligans) please find one of their many albums on Itunes or visit their website:

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