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Monday, June 9, 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front: U.S. Infantry

Here we have the infantry contents of the two-player starter box - two units of Riflemen, one unit of Rough Riders, and one unit of Machine Gun teams. Going to let the pictures do most of the talking here!

The rifleman and MG teams are single piece metal figures. The Rough Riders require some assembly with the handlebars being a separate piece, not but too bad. They are just slightly larger than the 15mm I'm used to painting with FoW, but that just slight increase in size makes them A LOT easier to paint up.

I initially wasn't thrilled with the bases, especially the long strips for the Rifleman. But over time, it's grown on me.

In game, the Riflemen have a short range anti-infantry gun, but can only hurt tripods in close combat. Each unit consists of three elements. They also get to deploy and move around as hidden blips in some scenarios.

I really like the Machine Gun teams in the game. Each one puts out three shots, capable of wounding tripods on a 10 (or better if it's already wounded), and will absolutely shred lighter targets.

The Rough Riders are my favorite unit in the book for the Americans. They have a single machine gun mounted on one bike, but their unique aspect is the ability to "lasso" the tripods. In assault, they use tow cables to drive around the feet of the tripod and immobile the it. When the tripod attempts to break free, it could trip, fall down, and explode! Tell me that's not AWESOME!

My painting scheme for those curious:
Uniform - Vallejo USA Tan Earth 874
Packs and gear - Vallejo Khaki 988
Helmets, Bikes, and Machine Guns - Vallejo Russian Uniform 924
Boots - Vallejo Saddle Brown 940
Gas Masks - Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform 816
Covered in a coat of Army Painter Strong Tone

I really love the infantry models for All Quiet on the Martian Front. They're super cheap, and I think pretty effective. I can't wait to try out an infantry horde in the game!

Scale shot next to 15mm (Peter Pig) figures and a 28mm (Gorgon Studios) figure.

Models provided by Alien Dungeon

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