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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: German's Attempt an Envelopment of the Canadians Outside BARbaristein - The Conclusion

Finally, the long awaited conclusion to the battle report featuring a German and Commonwealth force has arrived.

The surviving soldiers behind the wall fire into the oncoming German soldiers. (Red poker chips underneath represent a squad that has successfully passed a green roll.) Two of the volksgrenadier fall to the fusillade.

The Cromwell rattles down the road, spraying bullets from its two machine guns into a volksgrenadier squad at close range, as it attempts to pass through the Canadian lines. Nearly half the soldiers die.

Skillful fire from the German commander and his attendant find their mark on a soldier attempting to hold the wall.

Fire from a unit of volksgrenadier whip past the special forces, failing to bring down any targets.

The return fire from the advancing squad fails to cause any casualties, as a nearby medic plies his trade.

Nearly surrounded, the brave soldiers defending the wall fall to the firepower of a panzergrenadier assault squad.

Noticing the massive gap in the line, famous officer Swordy McGee commands the crew of the improvised Kangaroo - the actual model arrived only today, but they tell me Churchill tanks were used in this role as well - to use the vehicle in an attempt to fill the hole and prevent Germans from flooding through it.

Seeing the plight of their commander and the close combat squad, the Canadian riflemen previously holding the town run towards the battle.

Again the flame thrower team drops down rather than charge into battle, the commander figuring flank security a priority.

What remains of the volksgrenadier squad that was fired up at close range by the Cromwell runs around it, positioning itself for an escape next turn.

The Germans seem to be focusing their charge on the once-defended wall.

Noting the problem posed by the massive vehicle, a panzergrenadier squad advances on it, firing panzerfausts. One finds its mark!

The shaped charge slams through the side of the hull, and dark, black, smoke belches from interior. It is destroyed, and the hole is potentially opened again. Swordy McGee exits, waves his weapons menacingly towards the enemy, then succumbs to his wounds.

As the transport tank burns, close range fire from the Germans rips into the Canadian brawlers.

Suddenly, the situation seems dire to the Canadian NCO in charge of the infantry section charging from the city. As he motivates his men onward, the German infantry squad that had taken up a position behind the wall springs over it and charges.

The Canadians open fire on the sprinting Germans, killing two, as the rest scream forward into the assault.

Three regular Canadians fall to the initial charge as one veteran German collapses.

The victors consolidate their gains, moving towards their objective.

Grimly, the leader of the special forces unit tells his men to ready their knives.

They slaughter the panzergrenadier unit that had fired on the vehicle.

Then, the unit forms a battle line, their backs to the smoking wreck. These tough fighters represent the remainder of the Canadian defense in the center.

Continuing their fine tradition, the PIAT team misses its truck target.

Thinking they can make a better pass through the lines on the other side of the wall, the medic and officer in the truck advance.

Medium machine guns from the Cromwell rip holes into the truck as it trundles down the city path.

The medic inside collapses to the onslaught.

Yet the officer and his attendant survive, make it out of the fire, and around the corner.

On the left, the last defenders fall to the bullets of an arriving, outflanking squad of Germans, without ever having fired their weapon system.

A flamethrower team runs onto the battlefield from behind the other Germans, flooding the Canadian left.

The Canadian commander views his lines to the left.

He then views his line in the center.

After viewing the condition of his line to the right, he decides to quit the field. A significant victory for the German commander.

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