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Monday, May 12, 2014

Bolt Action - Scratch Built Tank Obstacle

Today I've got a review on some amazing pieces of anti-tank scatter terrain I purchased from forum member, Dano903 - not to be confused with the sultry Dano of the BAR & Speakeasy!  He has a terrain building thread in the Bolt Action Modeling section.  I purchased twenty Hedgehogs with two different types of basing, two tetrahedron, and five wooden-stake anti-landing craft style obstacles for a very low price.
The entire haul minus Dano903's Soviets for scale.

They are quite resilient and hardy. After their voyage from the US to Down Under, in which they were individually wrapped, I've been transporting them in a box to and fro and haven't had any problems or breakages.  The bases are simple but effective, and I know Dano903 was more than happy to accommodate me on how I wanted them.
One of Lachlan's ATRs takes cover.

We used them at the Conquest Bolt Action tournament and I look forward to using them in my own games as I build up my own cache of terrain, especially in a Normandy beach style game. This brings me to the question: How exactly would you use them in a battle?  The Bolt Action rulebook doesn't cover Anti-tank Obstacles specifically in the terrain section as a type of terrain.  

More Italians move up behind the Hedgehogs.

During my games at Conquest, we played them as a regular Obstacle for infantry that provided hard cover if you had majority behind them (a pretty hard feat for units any bigger then a few men).  While they were Impassable terrain for vehicles.  This meant that a row of these could quite effectively impede vehicles and provided another thing to factor in when maneuvering units.
Canadian Paras try and put a Hedgehog between them and the advancing Panzer IV.

Now, Dano903 hasn't just been making anti-tank obstacles.  In his forum thread you can see a bunch of other pieces he's been working on.  I know Judson has a bunch of fencing from him (as well as ruined buildings, roads, city scatter - Judson), and he's also been working on roads, ruins, rivers and a whole slew of other amazing terrain.  If you have a great piece you'd like him to have a go at, or even just to check out his work and be inspired, head over to the forums.  He's always looking for questions, comments and suggestions.

Canadian Paras engaging Old Man Morin's party boys.
Have any suggestions for those BARbarians gathering terrain for their tables? Tell us on the forum!

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