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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

News From the Front Episode 76

In Act I, the guys do an AAR on the recent Italy Tournament and cover what they have been up to.  Paw Paw makes a breief appearance before his Mom picks him up.  There is general craziness and a descent into Boss Moster madness.

In Act II, there is a deep dive into the upcoming Bridge at Remagen book.  The guys cover the highlights and anticipate some US and German lists.  Pershings and Jagdtigers, oh my!  You will want to hear this segment, for sure!  

In a short Act III, the guys cover some Commonly Overlooked Rules, including transports and Assaults.

After Hours 76

In this episode, the guys dive further into Remagen and try to make some predictions about which lists will be popular and how they will do against various opponents.  This discussion takes up most of the episode, but the guys do sneak in a little terrain talk at the end.

Click here to listen to After Hours

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