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Thursday, May 8, 2014

News from the Front Episode 75

In Act I, the guys talk abut what they have been up to lately, which features a recap of WWPD4Vets, tons of painting and new games that the dudes have gotten in to.  Act I is rounded out with some talk about the upcoming Italy tournament and our new WWPD FoW Ranking System.

In Act II, the topic turns to historical German tank numbers and how that compares to units see on the table.  This is a long discussion and takes up the whole act.

For Act III, the guys talk about Commonly Overlooked Rules, some lists for Italy, Terrain Tips and some words of wisdom for new Flames of War players.

Know the Mission V

The boys delve in to the details of how to play the Counter-Attack mission.  With advice on objective placement, force selection and strategy development, this episode is sure to enhance your game play.

Click here to listen to After Hours

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