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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bolt Action - LRDG Podcast Episode 14 Part 1

Episode 14: The Dano Goes Down To Australia

At long last… THE BOYS ARE BACK! 

In this megasized episode Dano from the BAR flies down to Melbourne to play in the LRDG’s first ever tournament. He is joined by the mad Canada fan (Anfernee) and the mack daddy of pin up art (Bryan) AND new comer Marky Mark. The show is broken down into easy to swallow segments each with a different panel of folks.  Lots of good banter, LOTS of CRUNCH and some shenanigans ensue as the gang breaks in the new bunker…  AKA The Eagle’s Nest.

The show has special guests aplenty and 2/3rds of the way through takes a sobriety break as Chuck Norris’s Beard (Patch) and CBAX of the BAR join OLD Man Morin to talk historic crunch, painting AND what it was like being on the comp panel for Conquest.

Tune in and grab a frothy… It is PARTY TIME!!!

(Important note: Due to the massive file size, this episode has been broken down into two more manageable chunks.  Sorry for the inconvenience!)

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