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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Italy News: Invaders paying heavily against resolute defenders!

Frontline Report Patrick Gribble once again brings you the news from the front!
Here is die news for May 15th. Troops of the Tenth Army in Italy have continued their valiant defence of southern Italy, aided by loyal Italian forces. Our troops are described as using the terrain to their fullest advantage, with casualties to the invaders estimated to be very heavy.

Italian armor in German Service
Our troops have continued to hold Snakehead Ridge in accordance with their orders, throwing back every attempt to push them off the ridge and in the process destroying numerous armoured vehicles.

Troops around the town of Cassino have successfully completed their withdrawal to the Hitler Line. Infantry forces, fighting from prepared positions and backed by units of the Herman Goering panzer division, have inflicted heavy casualties on large enemy infantry formations. In addition, local counterattacks have prevented enemy forces from attempting any pursuit.

US Infantry stymied by Herman Göring Defenders

Further west, the defenders of the Garigliano River have completed a tactical redeployment in the face of heavy enemy pressure. Despite numerous assaults, the defenders of the river were able to move to better positions virtually unhindered, backed by heavy tank formations. In addition, reinforcements recently arrived have ensured that the invaders have been unable to gain any advantage from the small amount of land they have gained.

In a communique from Army Group C headquarters, Field Marshal Kesselring praised the defenders of Italy, saying that “their defiance inspires us all.” He also acknowledged the magnificent efforts of loyal Italians fighting to preserve their country. He described the recent fighting as representing a “defensive victory.”
Polish Infantry advancing against stubborn German defenders

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