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Monday, May 5, 2014

Italy Campaign Announcement and How To

The Italy Campaign Begins May 11th! Click here to see how the system works.

The launch of the WWPD campaign coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Allied Armies in Italy (AAI) launch of Operation DIADEM on May 11th, 1944. On June 4th, the AAI claimed the prize of Rome. Our campaign will run no later than Mid-June.

The campaign page can be found at

Please help us spread the word by telling all of your gaming buddies about this campaign! 

Now you have the chance to recreate their victory or stun them in defeat!

In this campaign, the Axis role is purely a defensive one. Historically, (outside of localized counterattacks) Axis forces did not retake previously held positions, and instead chose to perform a fighting withdrawal that led them back towards Rome and eventually the southern Alps.

For this reason, we strongly recommend the Allied player chooses the contested node in which each battle is fought.

Each result entered for a particular node contributes to each sides' victory points for that node. Due to Axis constraints on reinforcements and a well-run Allied replacement system, there are additional technical components in effect that place time itself on the Allied side. However, the Axis have the advantage of defending in Italy's notoriously difficult terrain, and receive a defensive bonus roughly aligned with the geographic area of each node (and so ensuring that you can still play even-pointed battles on the tabletop).

On May 11th, 2014, the Axis nodes adjacent to Allied 2nd Corp and Allied 10th Corp starting nodes will become contested, officially beginning the campaign.

The Anzio node will activate for the Allies on the 70th anniversary of Operation BUFFALO on May 23rd, and each adjacent Axis node will become contested.

If the weight of Allied VPs overwhelms the weight of Axis VPs in any node, the point will become Allied controlled at the end of the day. At the same time, any nodes adjacent to the newly Allied controlled node will become contested - continuing on this process until the Allies control Rome.

Will General Alexander break through the Gustav and Hitler lines to reach Rome before General Clark can break out of Anzio? Will General Clark recreate his fame of the American 6th Corp entering Rome first? Or will Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring finally have good news for the German home front?

Only your battles will decide their fate!

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