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Monday, May 26, 2014

Game Vault Italy theme tournament 2014 AAR

By Eric Lauterbach
Photos by Eric, Sean and Maurice

Another good time was had at the late war Italy theme tournament at Game Vault in Fredericksburg.  The tournament was 1650 point lists from only Road to Rome and Fortress Italy with the restriction of only one Corps Support box of Artillery. Naval Gunfire was banned and will be from pretty much here on out in all I-95 tournaments (ed: Can't wait for a healthy debate on that...). The boards did have a fair amount of impassable terrain that the players were warned about.

For this tournament impassable cliffs and hills were open ground to all mountaineer rated troops and non mountaineer rated could cross them on a skill test. If the cliff was more than 4" high only mountaineers could cross it on a skill test. We had a almost 50/50 split of Allies and Axis with a good mix of British, Polish and American allies; the Germans had one Italian with them as well. In the end Sean Mackintosh and Eric Rhia tied for first place with 3 wins each and the same battle score as I-95 scores "Wins" first and then points. Thus, with better "power of opponent" scores (meaning the tie was broken on the score of the opponents the two players faced off against) Eric Rhia won and Sean came in second. Ed Leland and Steve MacLauchlan played the last round for the win but had a draw allowing Eric and Sean to jump over them.

We kicked off  the Italy Campaign in a big way with the guys login in their battles as the day wore on.  Fun day with great support from the Game Vault everyone got a prize! 

We have a tradition of taking the "War Face" picture before the tournament starts. Here is Chris Jacques "War Face"

Ken Jacobsen "War Face" ...Ken thought I said "O face"

Sean "Throck" Sarah happy to meet you "War Face"

Joe Moore Tournament Organizer with the royal wave.

Chris Gobel with a stare down "War Face"

John Desch creepy man grin "War Face"

Maurice is too laid back for the "War Face"

Scott is also to nice for a mean "War Face"

Jon Baber given the "Dirty look"

Wally Johns

Ben and Ed

James had a great "War Face"

Steve's is more of a who farted look.

Sean... gave me the "Really" look.

Stephen Lee, aka "Kato" about to poke my eyes out.

Mr. Corman

Rhia said he didn't need a "War Face" cause he had 4 Panthers!

Glen Goddard

Paul Westermeyer

Luke had a unspeakable "War Face" contortion that ended with this look.  Thank god there is no video.

Jeff  rocking the stormtrooper shirt my favorite.

Miles's "War Face" scowl.

Bob Everson does not have a "War Face" he just eats the opponents models if they don't let him win.

A great day of gaming!

Eric Lauterbach and the rest of the WWPD crew will see you in the ongoing Italy Campaign! 

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