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Monday, May 26, 2014

Bolt Action - Bolt Action Radio Episode 23

On behalf of the original BARbarians, Dano and Judson, welcome back for another episode of Bolt Action Radio! In this show, the not-so-gentle men get back to basics and turn this into a shop talk marathon. In fact, the shop runs on so late into the night - and the cups - that the second half is going to appear on Speakeasy 23. Before it's cut short, however, D and J talk about recent Warlord Games releases and may or may not admit to surprising sensitivity to some of the period subject matter. Certain journeys to Australia and Oneonta and the tournaments that occurred there are mentioned, as well as the surprising results breaking out from your normal list-making habits can often yield. Before long, this one starts to get a bit loose, and the FCC (not really) pulls the plug, forcing us to the high numbers on your TV dial (Speakeasy!) The important points are made before the rollercoaster takes its final downhill plunge into Speakeasy territory, but hold on to your hats regardless. 23 is on the spicy side!

Download the BAR here! 

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