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Friday, May 30, 2014

Attack on Firebase "Eagle" US vs NVA

By Eric Lauterbach and John Sulek
Here is the base perimeter with wire all the way around it, some poor
Engineer officer is going to get sacked
after this nights attack for the design and layout of this base.
Another game from our WWPD Wounded Warrior game day was the second part of our Vietnam series attack on the firebase.  The first part being the NVA's attempt to isolate the base by killing supply convoys, which didn't work!  So near the DMZ Firebase "Eagle" is crushing communists with its heavy 155 fire, attempts to neutralize the base by fire have failed due to the US Army stationed M109 (VUSBX08).  Its excellent survivability against incoming fire from the North has made firebase "Eagle" a number one target for Uncle Ho!

The base is occupied by a full battery of 6 M109s, One Rifle Company, a section of base security MPs, and part of the convoy security Dusters spending the night waiting to return in the morning, little did they know it was going to be a long night.  Uncle Ho's assault force consisted of 3 Companies of NVA with attached Recoilless 57mm guns and HMGs and a elite company of NVA Sappers. Of course the NVA had a full battery of 120mm mortars off table to support the attack.  

Its quiet... too quiet.  Charlie is up to something.

I need to add a good dusty red dirt ground cloth for the base outline next time for the right effect.

John Sulek's great looking base buildings I can't remember where he got them.

John Suleks awesome looking M109s, this is their first battle.

Another really cool thing is John made these bunkers for the guns, he did an superb job of design and painting.

Battery command center Charlie's number one target.

BANG BANG the night is alive with another mortar attack!

Stand-to! here comes victor charles!

The infiltrating NVA sappers make short work of the base perimeter wire clearing a big hole for the NVA company behind them.

The first shots of RPGs miss one gun but a Recoilless round strikes a M109 killing it.

On the other side of the base the NVA are struggling with the wire, and on the US turn get pounded with MG and beehive rounds.

The killed M109 from a Rcl round.  The US blast the NVA back and they lose stands in buckets.

The assault attempt is crushed in defensive fire at least a US team was wounded during shooting.

The Base under attack from two different points and the 120mm mortars take out a Duster

The US concentrate all their fire on the dangerous NVA Sappers even bombarding them from across the base.

The other NVA company can't get through the wire but the do have RPGs and Recoilless guns the have great round of shooting and kill two M109s. Uncle Ho is pleased! 

The US doubles up the infantry support here and really pour on the fire.

Big gaps in the NVA lead company appear as they are hung on the wire.

The MP jeeps move over to the breach for more support and it deals a beating to whats left of the NVA Sappers. The second follow on NVA company can't get any closer either as the fire is too hot and they are taking massive casualties.

The NVA Sappers are taking morale checks, but the bright spot is the off board 120mm mortars strike home killing two MP jeeps. The second Duster is killed by an RPG.

On the other side of the base NVA finally make two holes in the wire. It pretty much cost the lives of a whole company to do it.

With burning vehicles all around the the M109s keep shooting Beehive rounds into the melting NVA. 

The US infantry put another round of withering fire on the lead NVA company on the south end of the base.

The NVA are at the breaking point they stay pinned but pass their company morale.

The Sappers and NVA company at the breach have had it. There is no way they can launch any kind of attack with what they have left.  Chieu Hoi!!!

The southern attack breaks off as well with one company uncommitted, it took to long to breach the wire.
Bob Everson and I had a great time trying to crack John Sulek's American base, we lost buckets of guys but did kill 3 of the dreaded M109s not bad for never getting inside the perimeter. Which is why someone in the Engineer office is getting canned. If the M109 positions are further back outside of RPG range from the wire I think they have a better chance and we would have not killed as many. On the other hand the US would not be getting that great Beehive round killing bunches of NVA either.  

Eric can be heard on the WWPD podcast with Luke, Jon, and Steve discussing Flames of War and other topics loved by geeks everywhere.

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