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Monday, May 5, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Point Defense: The Outskirts, 2 of 2


The two part battle report, Point Defense: The Outskirts, concludes! If you missed the first half, you can see it here.

An assault squad closes in on the bunker and eliminates the sniper unit inside.

A rifle squad runs forward to occupy the now vacant position.

Still reeling from taking so much fire, the British air observer continues to fail to call in aircraft.

A German rifle squad on the opposite side of the battlefield also fails to act, having lost its nerve.

Meanwhile, the British rifle squad pours fire into the German-occupied bunker.

While the German sniper continues to fire at the British observer, the truck prepares to charge down the road.

The Blitz flies past the British lines, the squad inside ready to capitalize on its speedy advance.

Yet before the grenadiers inside can advance out of the canvas covered back, a squad of Commonwealth veterans arrives from reserves, peppering it with small arms fire.

The truck catches fire, and three of the six grenadiers inside die to the incoming hail of lead.

A Recce Carrier also arrives from reserves, and moves towards the opposite side of the battlefield in order to shore up the defenses near the enemy occupied bunker, spraying bullets from two Bren light machine guns.

The major moves seem to have taken place.

Seizing the initiative, the formerly reserve British soldiers rush forward, assaulting the wreck-surviving Germans before they can regroup.

As the final grenadier falls, the tommies consolidate towards the Germans pinned inside a nearby ruined building.

The previously bypassed British soldiers assault the Heer sniper and make short work of him.

Having seen their comrades fall, and having taken so much fire, the Heer squad inside the ruins refuses to follow their NCO's orders.

Yet the tide seems to turn for the unlucky squad as a truck full of grenadier reinforcements arrive from the flank.

German stormtroopers pile out, automatic weapons blazing. Their accurate fire nearly kills every man in the squad near the tree and fence.

Those poor Brits that aren't eliminated by the first squad departing the truck are gunned down by the second.

The last remaining German forces on the bunker side of the field prepare to launch their final push on the objective. The British commander has joined an infantry squad and the Recce Carrier in the defense.

British defenders in the ruins at the top center, and across the road, prepare to face the last push of the Germans on the left.

The nebelwerfer rains rockets into the British line on the right. Most of the forces survive unscathed, but as the smoke clears, the beloved lieutenant Swordy McGee has fallen. (Again.)

The previously paralyzed rifle squad, seeing their reinforcements arrive, launch an assault across the road into awaiting British defenders.

The charging Germans survive the defensive fire from the British squad and a melee ensues.

Unfortunately for the German NCO and his men, the Tommies are highly motivated in their defense, and destroy the attackers.

The survivors consolidate towards the fence and the oncoming German reinforcements.

The Bren Carrier sprays fire into the grenadiers lurking behind the bunker.

Again Germans charge the beleaguered British squad, and again they hold their ground.

Grenadiers roll out, firing wildly at the Bren Carrier.

Yet another reserve squad, this time five SAS troops, arrives to stop their attack, however.

Panicking at seeing the attack crumble around them, the last remaining squad on the left rolls a FUBAR and runs away from the nearest British squad. This is after taking several volleys of effective Commonwealth small arms fire.

The brave German trucker moves his Opel between the enemy and his fleeing friends.

Desperate, the riflemen inside the bunker are ordered to make one final attempt on the British line. Some die to accurate defensive fire on the way in, and the rest are slaughtered with bayonets and brass knuckles.

The German commander assesses his left.

Then he assesses his right. The situation is dire.

Before ordering the nebelwerfer to fire again into the line on his right, he curses his British opponent!

One rocket lands within the ranks of the British squad, killing them to a man before the horrified SAS onlookers. The recce carrier blasts away at the final squad, destroying half of its fighting strength, but the remaining two grenadier stay the field.

The paltry remnants of the German attack on the German left fails to motivate.

In spite of the overwhelming odds, the bloodthirsty German commander throws the remaining attackers into the knives and sub-machine guns of the awaiting SAS squad.

The Germans die to the man.

With no German lives left to toss into the British meat grinding defenses, the German commander surrenders. No British objectives were truly threatened throughout the game. The defenders win handily!

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