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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: German Assault in the East - Germans vs Russians

Our Friday night game group met up recently for a big game of Bolt Action.  Each side had between 25 and 30 units.  The forces included not just a large number of infantry, but also several tanks.  The German force was made up of regulars and veterans, while the Soviet force was predominately inexperienced, but dug in.  Because of the large numbers of troops, we played on a 5' by 8' table.

There were three objectives that straddled the middle of the table.  There was a 3-point objective along the road in the center of the board, while there was a 2-point objective on the hill and in the field on the flanks.

The collective farm building started the game on fire and was not able to be used during the game.

Soviet troops in the center of the board started the game dug in.

As did troops on the hill.  They started in ambush and were considered hidden.  We used the rules for trenches from Warlord's website, but considered the trenches hard cover, instead of soft cover.  We also allowed troops to shoot over the tops of trenches, at troops on the other side of the trench.

The Soviets also started the game with a Zis-3 holding down their left flank.

Germans fired a preliminary bombardment, which pinned most of the Soviets.  The Soviets regretted putting all their troops in ambush to start the game. 

Troops on the hill were hit as well.

German Panzers advance toward the objective in the field.

An 88 FlaK deployed on a knoll to cover the attack.

An 8 Rad and Panzer provide cover for the 88.

Germans troops move to out flank the hill.

Soviet troops start laying down fire on the advnacing Germans.

Soviets in the center do the same.

The Zis-3 unsuccessfully fires on the Panzers.

German recon troops, move down the stream, in their Schimmwagon.

Germans forces call in an assault gun to help root out the Soviets.

8 Rad opens fire on Soviets on the hill.

A squad of Germans advance on the trenchline.

The Panzers take shots at the newly arrive KV-1.

A fresh T-34 opens fire on the Panzers, supported by Soviet infantry. 

Soviet 120mm mortar deploys behind the farm.

45mm anti tank gun takes a hit from the German assault guns.

Soviet reinforcements move in to support the troops on the hill.

More Soviet reinforcements move into the woods.

A view of the battle from above.

German artillery hits the trenches

The Zis-3 takes another shot at the Panzers, after some motivation from the Commissar. 

The Soviet infantry in the trenches break, leaving a single man crewing the 45mm anti tank gun and their officer behind.

Its okay they are covered by the KV-1.

T-34 covers the creek.

Germans troops close with Soviet troops on the hill. Heavy fighting breaks out in the woods near the trenches.

German recon troops battle it out with three squads of Soviets.

German assault guns continue to fire on the Soviets in the Trenches.

Heavy mortar fire hits the 88.

A large number of German troops move to assault the center of the board.

The two Panzer begin their dual with the T-34.

Soviet troops release an anti tank dog. WOOF!





The dog takes out the 8 Rad.

Soviet infantry and another T-34 move in to support the remaining troops in the trench. 

A new Panzer arrives from out flank. 

Supported by more German infantry.

German Panzer take out the newly arrive T-34.


After seeing the T-34 blow up, the remaining Soviet infantry deploy to the farm yard. 

The Soviet Lieutenant charge down the trench to throw back the Germans.

Germans enter the trenches on the hill. 

Soviet T-34 rolls in to thwart the German attack.

KV-1 does what it can to replace the destroyed T-34. 

The Zis-3 take more casualties from their Commissar.

This Panzer is knocked out by a T-34 at close range.

The Soviet infantry in the farm yard come under heavy fire.  Only four are killed, but they are pinned to death.

More assault gun fire on the trench puts presure on the Soviets.

The remaining Soviets on the hill are driven off, despite a friendly fire incident involving the German officer.

Soveit and German troops rush to the objective on the flank. 

Shot bounce at point blank range. 

With victory in the grasp the Germans in the trench FUBAR and retreat.  The StuG falls back as well.

German troops despirately try to eliminate the Soviets before the game ends.

The Soviet anti tank gun moves over to the objective. 

A new squad of Soviets despirately try to push the Germans off the hill. 

The KV-1 takes one last shot at the Panzers.

The game ends with the Soviet still clinging to the center and the other two objectives being contested.

This was a fun game.  Came down to the wire with a lot of back and forth.  I was worried about making most of the Soviet Inexperienced, but with the trench lines it balanced out.  It was also exciting to see the anti tank dogs actually take out an enemy tank.  Cant wait till our next game.

Have you palyed any games lately?  Share with the rest of us on the forum.

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