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Monday, April 21, 2014

Bolt Action - Soviet Cavalry Painted

Last week I showed you how to make your own Soviet Cavalry using Perry ACW Cavalry box and a Warlord Soviet Infantry box.  Now its time to show off how cool these models end up looking once you put paint to plastic.

I am very pleased with how these models turned out.  From the modeling to the painting I enjoyed every moment.  I was surprised at how easy it was to make my own cavalry and like how these look over any commercial Soviet cavalry I have seen on the market.  There is literally an endless number of poses you can make since both kits are plastic.  The two sets scale together well and parts seem to fit seamlessly.  I can't wait to make my next squad.

Close up of the NCO and his entourage.

The rest of the patrol.

Here is the guy who was shot off his horse.  He will be used for when a stand of two takes a casualty.  He will replace the stand on the table.  I thought this would be a fun way to track casualties.

Like I said I am so happy with these.  I plan on making a second squad and i'll try to make proper Cossacks when I do it.  I think it will be fairly easy, all it will require is fur hats and a hobby knife.

Cost is also reasonable.  From Warstore the Perry box was $32, which is $2.66 per figure.  The Warlord boxset was $39, about $1 per figure.  This means each cavalary figure costs $3.66 each, which is a really good price.  Additionally, you can make dismounted figures that match your mounted figures using the 28 additional figures from the Warlord box and bits (mostly sabres) from the Perry box and still have figures left over. 

We'll see how they do in battle.  I am told that cavalry get shot down pretty fast, but I am not convinced.  Soviet cavalry cost the same as regular infantry squad.  The additional speed and option to charge with three attacks makes cavalry worth considering.  You truck have rely on a truck (or worry about it blowing up), can assault from your transport (the horse), and if things get dicy you can always dismount.  Horse seem like a viable way to get into trouble to me.  

If you have experience using cavalry or building custom units share with the rest of us on the forum.

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