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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Revell Snap Tite Spitfire

The unofficial warplane rules recently debuted and I found myself lacking a 1:72 aircraft. Revell Snap Tite kits to the rescue!

Nemesis Andy and I had set up a game before Alessio came out with his "alternate universe" air rules (quotes mine). Such a scenario required a new model.

Art like that shown above also required a new model! How amazing is that image above, courtesy of Osprey Publishing? Of course, everyone knows that Warlord Games is selling pre-painted 1:72 aircraft for Bolt Action - but I did not know until I stumbled into a local hobby store that anything like this product was available! I definitely didn't know things like this were available for less than 10 USD! $8.99 to be precise!

All motivation aside, the Revell model was purchased because I needed something that day. I was going to play as a Commonwealth force, and there were rules for this Commonwealth aircraft. Here are its statistics:

Supermarine Spitfire Fighter

Cost:  176 pts (Inexperienced), 220 pts (Regular), 264 pts (Veteran).
Weapons: two light automatic cannons and four MMGs. All covering front.
Special Rules: Interceptor

The details that come within the packaging are pretty amazing. As you can see above, as far as the Warlord Games suggested scale goes, this aircraft is a match.

Of course, this particular kit is marketed towards completely inexperienced modelers. The instructions included are far beyond the instructions you get from nine out of ten other World War Two model kits. Assuming all of the parts came attached to their sprues, no one will have any trouble assembling this model.


As you can see, the model comes pre-painted. For those concerned with the price of the pre-paints available from other companies - especially die cast manufacturers - there is no comparison. This plane came as pictured above. A simple black wash in the right places weathers such a model in a way that puts other pre-painted die casts to shame. Any player that is concerned with representing their aircraft with a model of the scale suggested by the authors of the game should consider a Revell Snap Tite kit.

Have any experience with one? Let us know!

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