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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bolt Action - Oh Canada! The Sequel!

Hey guys, Anfernee here again.  A few weeks back I did an article talking about the history of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and their role in WWII during D-Day and beyond.  Well, now I am back to talk about how I've gone about making my list for the LRDG's tournament at Conquest, using that as the theme for my list.

I knew that I would be limited in the big toys I could take in sticking with this theme.  Most Airborne units were lightly equipped by necessity.  Each platoon had a 2 inch mortar and battalion HQ had some 3 inch mortars.  So I decided I wanted one of each.  This would mean two platoons.  Members of the Canadian Para Battalion were exceptionally trained and determined, so everything in this list (short of my free observer) is Veteran. 

So after both a medium and a light mortar, and two second lieutenants with an extra man each, I needed some infantry squads.  I went with two 'assault' style squads of 7 Paratroopers, 3 of them with SMGs and two 'support' squads of 7 Paratroopers with an LMG.  The LMG was another nod to history over effectiveness, but we won't get into that old chestnut.  The support squads will be moving forward to support the assault squads, along with the light mortar.

Now was time for some more supporting teams.  I grabbed a sniper - always useful for dishing out a pin or killing an enemy team weapon.  Then: A PIAT team.  While they aren't the greatest anti-tank choice, they are cheap, and if the enemy doesn't give them any respect, they might pull off an upset.  They'll be running ahead with my infantry, and to be honest, my list needed something else to harass enemy armour other than two mortars.  Lastly, I got an MMG team, as it was another of the few larger pieces of gear the Canadians dropped with into Normandy.  This guy will probably sit back and help protect the medium mortar and sniper, providing long range fire.

Then I've got my free artillery observer through the British national rules.  I see it more as high altitude bomber support during the opening hours of D-Day, coming in to soften up my enemy.  Now I had a few points left over and a few spare para models, so I got another squad of 6 veteran paras with 5 SMGs.  These guys will either outflank to try and create some chaos or rush ahead with my other two assault squads.  For national rule, I was trying to choose between Up & At Them or Vengeance.  Let me know on the forum which I should go with?

To see a video review of the army,

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