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Monday, April 7, 2014

News From the Front Episode 74- Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi!

In Act I, the guys welcome Steven back and jump right into a recap of recent activity.  The guys discuss the upcoming WWPD4Vets event and the next WWPD Global Campaign - Italy!  There is also some brief discussion on the new WWPD Rankings system.
In Act II, the guys talk more detail about Fortress Italy and Road to Rome, including opinions on top lists.  The guys - again - predict what will be seen at the next tournament, and will most assuredly be wrong!  Next, Eric talks a bit about running historical scenarios.
For Act III, Eric talks about how to customize your tournament, and encourages TOs to make adjustments to enhance the fun.  We close this episode out with Commonly Forgotten rules.

Click Here to Download Episode 74

After Hours 74
In a generally goofy episode, the boys are back - including Steven!  After some genral chatter about painting queues ans Historicon, talk centers around the Italy compliation - more talk of lists and what to play.

Click here to listen to After Hours

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