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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adepticon Pic Dump

Adepticon 2014

By Christopher Hecht

I recently went to Adepticon in Lombard, IL to play in the Flames of War Late War nationals and in the Bolt Action tournaments.  While at Adepticon, I took a few pictures to bring back and show what all went on that I experienced. 

Flames of War

The FoW Group getting ready to begin the 2 day tournament

Flames of War Armies

French in Egypt

This was a stunningly beautiful table set up by the guys of Guns of April who consist of Dave Taylor, Rob Chandler, Brien Delaney, etc. generally out of Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie, MD.  Each building was hand painted, tons of accessories, beautiful models, and the pictures could never do this justice.

Painstakingly laid out accessories on the buildings and on the traders' stands
Easter Egg in the city, let's see if anyone gets the reference.
French on Camels

Egyptian forces taking cover in the stands.
Bolt Action Chindits vs Japanese Game

This was a game that was set up Saturday night themed in the jungles of the Pacific.  The really cool thing was the objectives of the Commonwealth forces needing to capture a Japanese soldier carrying documents who attempting to run to a plane and the plane needing to power up before taking off (via die mechanic). The green chips also represented an interesting "random d20" surprise event that would occur when the Commonwealth forces got within a certain distance.

Bolt Action Tournament

Sadly, didn't have time to capture much of the Bolt Action tournament as it was quite fast pace.

Misc. Pictures

Amazing Infinity board that is very vertical, produced by Ironheat Artisans
Titan game
Lots of money sitting there, cool models

Display Contest Entry

Display Contest Entry

Whirlyball - Bumper Cars + Hurling, it was a good way to break from Adepticon and hang out with some cool people
Christopher Hecht is WWPD's online community manager, and leader of the 1st WWPD Panzer Division in World of Tanks.  In addition to playing both Flames of War and Bolt Action, he runs a YouTube channel under the handle of Darqueling that features many videos related to video games. 

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