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Friday, April 11, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Soviets and German Probing Action

I had an FTX weekend recently, and got in a pick up game of Bolt Action with my buddy Andy. We wanted to play with the big toys, so we each ran one armored and one infantry platoon, in a modified version of the second mission Jud had for tank battles at Cold Wars. It used three objectives, strung out down the diagonal center line. At Cold Wars, forces came on within 12" of opposing table corners, but we adjusted this to 24". It worked really well, and we will get the mission up soon so everyone can enjoy it.


German Army
Armored Platoon (Regulars)
1 x Command Panzer III J
2 x Panzer III J
1 x 88
1 x Prime Mover

Infantry Platoon (Regulars)
1 x HQ 1st Lieutenant (3 men)
1 x FOA
2 x 10 man Heer squad (1 x LMG, 1 x SMG)
1 x 9 SS (5x Assault Rifles) (Vets)
Medium Mortar + spotter

Russian Army
Armored Platoon
1 x Command T-34/76
1 x T-34/76
1 x KV-1
1 x SU-85

Infantry Platoon
HQ Senior Lieutenant (2 men)
1 x FOA
3 x 11 man rifle squad (1 x SMG, 1 x LMG)
1 x 12 man Free Squad
1 x MMG w/ gun shield
1 xATR
1 x Heavy Mortar

Sumer 1943

Soviet and German armor meet near a small hamlet

The Soviet armor flag for infantry support

Tank engage at closer range, shots bouncing off of armor

More Soviet infantry arrive to support the attack

As mortar shells fall all around the 88 gets some shot in

The Russian armor takes cover inside the buildings

The KV-1 is destroyed by the 88, but the SU-85 shows up to save the day

The Red Horde moves down the road

German tank fire immobilize a T-34

Russian troops exchange fire with Germans

Russian ATR takes pot shots at a Panzer III

The German juggernaut rolls forward

The fire from the burning KV-1 illuminates the battlefield

The Panzer IIIs position themselves to cover the advancing German infantry

German heavy mortar hits the 88, but only kills three crewmen

Fight continues on the German right flank

The SU-85 continues to engage the Panzers

Soviet infantry make a move for the center objective

A second mortar round silences the dreaded 88

German armor move up with German infantry mounted in trucks in the rear.  Taking advantage of a sweet opportunity the Russians call in an artillery strike on the armor and trucks.

However... the Russian artillery misses and lands on top of their advancing troops.  This takes out a tank and pins the rest of the troops into submission.

Finally the SU-85 takes out a Panzer III

German mortar fire splats the Soviet infantry

Seizing the moment German infantry dismount and advance into the village

These German Panzers take one of the objectives

Soviet infantry move up and take cover behind the wreck of the KV-1

They then launch an assault against Germans in the hut.  Both sides are killed to the man.

The command T-34 moves on the Germans

The Soviet senior lieutenant sprays the Germans with SMG fire

The Germans have a solid hold on the center objective

A last minute shot from the SU-85 immobilized another Panzer III.

We had a great time playing this game.  I really liked playing with a tank and an infantry platoon side by side.  We had a reasonable number of activation dice, and there was no delay in game play.  We did mess up on a few things.  For instance, for some reason at the beginning of the game we both were moving our tanks 12" instead of 9".  This allowed them to close range rather quickly.  However, we both did it so, oh well.

The mission was a lot of fun.  I really like playing diagonally.  It gave the tanks more range to engage the enemy.  The deployment adjustment to 24" from the table corner from 12" was also nice.  Troops were not as bunched up at the beginning of the game and there was still plenty of fighting over the objectives.

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