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Monday, April 28, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Point Defense: The Outskirts, 1 of 2

One thousand points of British troops defended the outskirts of a European town against a German counterattack in a Point Defense recently.

Both forces consisted primarily of veteran troops. The German list included a substantial "back row" of heavy weapons, and used no armor; while many of the grenadier squads carried multiple panzerfausts and used two trucks as transports. The Commonwealth list sported both an air and artillery forward observers, an infantry flame thrower, as well as a veteran recce carrier. This was a 1000-point game.

Before launching their attack on the area, German divisional artillery bombarded the area, pinning the British lines down. The tommy sniper hiding inside a bunker sits as the only Commonwealth unit unpinned after the bombardment.

A German sniper, having sighted a British artillery observer, takes aim and eliminates his target.

The British sniper, hiding in an abandoned bunker, fires at a nearby German sniper, but fails to eliminate the target.

Wooden rail fences prove to be a poor defense against a trained German sniper.

Meanwhile, a German officer, tasked to "motivate" an Ostruppen mortar crew, works on his public speaking skills.

German grenadiers advance on the British positions, using the sniper-occupied bunker as cover. One well-aimed rifle bullet is preferable to a squad's worth, the commander decides.

A German truck, filled with grenadiers, speeds down the road towards the British lines.

British riflemen from a rocky outcrop and a bombed-out building fire on the rapidly approaching truck, but fail to affect it.

Tommies fire away at the oncoming Opel Blitz, glass shards from the windshield and headlights flying everywhere.

The British air observer, still reeling from the artillery bombardment, fails to successfully call-in a strike.

And the commander leads the attack from inside the truck, calling for his men to follow. A German squad of riflemen file into the nearby wrecked building, taking up firing positions on the British defenders.

Nearby allied soldiers notice the approaching Germans.

The Commonwealth soldiers inside a nearby ruined house open fire on the advancing grenadiers' leader.

The leutnant is spared the storm of Bren bullets, but both his attendants die instantly. The battlefield shapes up as indicated below.

The German sniper fires at the British air observer again, keeping the spotter's head down and unable to execute his mission.

The sniper fire proves too terrifying for the observer, and he is unable to call in a strike.

While German troops push forward onto the British sniper position.

The British on the rocky outcrop, seeing a German attack forming on the other side of the village fence line, advance on and eliminate the German command unit.

The Ostruppen mortar unit continues to lay fire into the British lines.

And the battle continues soon in the final report!

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