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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Streams (BB560) and Tributaries (BB561) Spotlight

To go along with the rivers I stole from Luke about three years ago, I recently got the new Streams (BB560) and Tributaries (BB561) for the table.  You all know how we love the Battlefield in a Box line, so I was pretty excited to get these in.  The original Rivers (BB105) -- which do not seem to be available in the online store -- were quite wide, but provided some really cool twists and turns.  With this set, you can make some neat varieties for your table.  Let's take a look!

With the tributaries, you must have the original river set and the streams for this to work.  You get two nice pieces that let you link up the streams to your rivers.  You can also take your river and neck it down, like through a town or something.  The material is the familiar hard rubber - like a  hockey puck - and seems built for extreme durability.

It looks like the paint job didn't translate from the box to the actual pieces that well.  Maybe it is my lighting.  They still look good, though.

The streams come with six pieces made of the same materials.  In both sets, you get the light and dark static grass that allows you to match up the look of your table. This set can be purchased and used stand-alone for your table.

The streams are about a tank wide.

Checking in at USD$25 for the four tributary pieces and USD$30 for the streams, this seems to be a little much.   If you already have the river set, I think this is worth picking up.  These are certainly durable, so you will not be replacing them -- ever.  I thought that the original rivers set was a steal (literally for me!), so I guess these even it out.  Since the rivers are not available, this release seems a little weird, as the real customer base for these are those that already own the rivers.  

Product provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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