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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Battlefront T-55 or T-54 Platoon (AARBX02)

Battlefront box AARBX02 T-55 or T-54 Platoon!
The good old T-55/54 series, the most produced tank in history.  I was glad to get a chance to look over Battlefronts version of the T-55.  A big question I have always had is what is the difference between the two tanks and visually its almost nil.  Most of the changes between the models occur inside the vehicle with the only difference being that early T-54s have a slight bump on the turret.

Plus, the Soviets upgraded all their tanks after 7000 km of use, so old T-54s would be brought up to date with newer T-55 performance. So really call them which ever you want but T-55 is probably easier and more accurate.  The T-55 is a descendant of the T-34 with its robust design and easy maintenance, its no wonder the Egyptians loved this tank.

So lets get into this box!

You get 3 vehicles in the box AARBX02

Here is what you get.... all pretty straight forward

Oooooohhh... nice very little flash.

These things are the only item I had to spend a fair amount of time cleaning mold lines off of.

Magnets included! 

The resin mold of the vehicles are great! very nice I had no extra clean up time on them. I get why...but I do hate attaching fenders and you get to do it to front and back on the T-55. 

Very nice model even the AAMG mounting was easy.

All painted up!  And two seconds later I knocked the AAMG off!

Just a simple bone base coat and wash over it.

Experimented with the wash lighter is better in my opinion.

These are really nice models, a joy to assemble.

No decals provided but the Egyptian markings I think could be done with a paint brush.
Look in EasyArmy how cheap these guys are!  You need a ton of them

The Bad:  There is no downside at all to the physical model of the T-55 it is awesome.  The only slight concern I have involves packaging. The box K-2 T-54 Ironclad Company VPABX01 is packaged at 5 per box verses the 3 you get in the Egyptian box. The only difference in the model is the K-2 box you do not get external fuel barrels for your tanks. I hope sometime in the future battlefront puts out a single of this vehicle cause right now its a little hard to make it come out right on numbers. I have to mention on the downside it is going to cost you a pretty penny to field these guys in the numbers you can.

The Good: I love this model, Kudos to Battlefront!  You should now go out and field hordes of these guys to crush the Free World! 

Eric Lauterbach can be heard with Luke and Jon on the WWPD podcast ...but only if you are a exceptionally good gamer.. players who suck only hear static.  So you better listen and test yourself out.

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