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Monday, March 3, 2014

News from the Front - Episode 72

Click here to download Episode 72!

The guys are back in action with an early morning studio edition of News from the Front.  In Act I, the guys do the usual AAR and reflect on Muster.  The dudes also talk about upcoming events like Cold Wars and Gen Con.  Act I is rounded out with some top terrain tips.  
In Act II, the guys discuss Soviets and the impacty of Desperate Measures.  We review Ed Leland's recent lists to see what is up with the USSR.  Act II is finished off with talk of the new Italy books and a great tour of Battlefront's factory in Malaysia.

In Act III, we talk about some recent Battlefront mis-steps and hit up some commonly overlooked rules.

For our premium subscribers, we have Know the Mission Episode IV - Dust Up

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