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Monday, March 10, 2014

Dust Warfare/Tactics - Axis Hero Pack

I am really enjoying painting up these Dust figures. My German Army is looking awesome and it is really coming together nicely.  While there are little things here or there that are funky there is so much character in each figure. The heroes for all the armies are absolutely killer awesome. The Axis Hero pack some with three heroes to support your Dust Tactics/Warfare Army.

Grenadier X -
Equipped with a circular saw, Grenadier X is ready to tear into your opponents force.  This brutal looking figure was allot of fun to paint.

TotenMeister -
TotenMeister uses Wiederbelebungsserum to prolong life, through ZOMBIFICATION, which is the coolest possible weird war II thing out there.  I added the flight stand to give TotenMeister the appearance of levitation, which makes TotenMeister spooky.

A simple character armed with a flame thrower.  To be honest I am not as impressed with him as I am with the others, mostly because he is basically the flame thrower dude from the pioneer pack with a different head, but he is still fairly awesome.

These Heroes are awesome and I cant wait to see how they look and play.

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