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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beyond the Foxholes Episode 10

WWPD presents Episode 10 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 10.
We join Ben, Winner Dave, Adam and special guest Andy as they talk all things Flames of War.

 In Act 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, look at the latest news from Battlefront and cover our own tournament Breakthrough Assault 2.

In Act 2 we look at the current tournament meta, bring in our new section the Mail Bag, cover some over looked rules and talk about "when do you point out a mistake your opponent has made?" (in Adam's case never!).

In Act 3 we help Andy out with his list for The Art of War (this does turn into a petty competition between the 3 of us!) and round out the episodes by looking at some new lists ideas for Ben and Adam.

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