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Friday, March 21, 2014

Bolt Action - A Closer Look At The Eureka Gas Mask Germans

Old Friend of the LRDG, Marky Mark, takes a proper closer look at the Eureka German gas mask troops as part of his preparation for the Conquest tournament over Easter weekend.

"Don't leave me hangin' bro!"
I was recently asked by “Old Man" Morin from Team LRDG to do a bit of a write about painting some Germans from Eureka Miniatures as seen in his article a few weeks back.  I jumped at the chance as I plan to complete an army's worth for the LRDG’s Bolt Action tourney at Conquest in Melbourne.
As this range of miniatures is set in an alternate “Pulpitations” WW2, I thought I would paint my miniatures in a darker “comic book” style.  Overall the range of poses is great, as well as the casting being very crisp with few mould lines and flash.

Some of the poses in the range are strange and seem to be casts of other miniatures like the unit leader with SMG shown throwing the fist bump out to the troops.

Hans is ready to rock and roll!

Overall however the range is very nicely detailed, and the miniatures that I have 

completed so far were a pleasure to paint.  Hopefully Eurkea will  expand this range to make it a more viable range for Bolt Action, as there are key unit entries that are missing; but I would recommend this range of miniature to anyone who wants an alternative to the regular historically accurate ranges out there.

These seem to measure up well in scale to Warlord’s range of plastic Germans, and you could easily use some of these miniatures with rifles to represent Pioneer squads.  As for cost, individual miniature are $2.95AU each, so a squad of 10 men comes in at around $30.00AU; so in my mind, quite affordable.

There we have it! I will be working away at getting this army complete before Conquest, and hopefully be invited back to show off some pictures of it once it gets closer to completion.  
(Oh, we definitely will!)

For those wondering how Mark painted his Germans, here is a quick and dirty guide:


I followed a easy process to get these boys painted up.

I started by undercoating them white, I use Games Workshop Skull White spray.  

I then base coat with Plastic Solider Warspray German Field Grey.

Pained the metal areas with Army Painter Plate Mail.

Painted the helmet Vallejo 979 German Camo Dark Green.

Painted rifle stocks and entrenching tool handles with Citadel Mournfang Brown.

Water Bottle was painted Vallejo 984 Flat brown.

Wash the whole model with a 20/80 water - Army Painter Dark Tone.

Layer the uniform  Vallejo 830 German Field Grey then highlight with Vallejo 886 Grey Green.

Highlight metal areas with Army Painter Plate Mail then edge highlight Citadel Runefang Steel.

Layer helmet German Camo Dark Green then highlight with Vallejo 920 German Uniform then do chipping damage with Citadel Runefang Steel.

Highlight rifle stocks and entrenching tool with Citadel Mournfang Brown.

Highlight Water bottle Vallejo 984 Flat Brown.

Paint boots, gas mask and webbing Citadel Abaddon Black then highlight Citadel Stormvermin Fur

Paint Gas mask tubes Vallejo 921 English Uniform

Wash Gas mask tubes Army Painter Strong Tone

Drybrush/Edge gas mask tubes Vallejo 873 US Field Drab

Highlight gas mask tubes  Vallejo 837US Field Drab mixed with a dab of Citadel Terminatus Stone.

Paint mask lenses Army Painter Crystal Blue

Paint flesh Citadel Cadian Flesh

Wash flesh Army Painter Soft Tone

Layer flesh Citadel Cadian Flesh

Miniature Base

Base with Citadel Armageddon Dust

Wash base with 40/60 Water - Army Painter Soft Tone

Drybrush Citadel Terminatus Stone

Paint Rim Vallejo 984 Flat Brown

Stick on turf clomps to suit.

Varnish model with Testors Dullcoat


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