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Thursday, February 6, 2014

WWPD game day Fate Of The Nation battle!

By Eric Lauterbach

For the last battle of the day at WWPD game day last December we decided on a Fate of the Nation battle from Flames of War with what we could scrap up.   So far it had been pretty good day at Game Vault. Lots of fun, and this looked like a perfect way to cap it off.  Myself and Chris Jacques took the Jordanians and John Desch and John Sulek played Sulek's Israelis in a 1750 point team game.  We randomly rolled the mission and came up with Hasty Attack.  After the roll off it turned out the Jordanians would be defending with the Israelis attacking.    

My Jordanian Company Commander and his quick get away car! Looks at watch...uuhhh I got a meeting back at Division let me know how it turns out.
The Lists:

Eric and Chris' defending Jordanians:
Lists provided by Easy Army. 

Jon and John's attacking Israelis.

One objective in the town guarded by the Jordanian Mech platoon. The other you can see a piece of it on the bottom hill

Israelis only have four platoons so start out small.  A Magach 3 platoon with 4 tanks and ISherman platoon of 4 tanks.


The Jordanians trying to hide the best we can.  Israeli long range fire will kill the crap out of you.

The Jordanians, with 7 platoons, deploy three on the table.  The Mech Platoon guarding the town Objective, an M48 platoon guarding the hill Objective, and the Centurion platoon hiding behind the hill

Advice from the 2ic.....Hide! here they come

Hiding sir!

Me too... Hiding sir!

Oops... not hiding well enough.  Long range ISherman 2 up fire power...BLAM!

The Israelis are picking off guys in buildings at range the 2up firepower is killing us.

Magach 3 platoon working the overwatch position

AT 18 Yikes!  Can't hang against that.

The Jordanian M48 Patton platoon hiding behind the hill with the company command tank.

The first reinforcements show up, it's the Israeli Mech platoon

The Ishermans are blasting the town pretty good.  No reason to hide, if the Jordanians pop up to shoot them they'll suffer from Vets, concealed, long range, Hen and chicks.  In other words, we can't hit them.  So its death for our tanks to be seen especially because the Israelis reroll misses....and stormtrooper if necessary.

The Israeli Mech platoon approaches the town to set up the assault.

The ISherman platoon moves to the town....  probably a mistake cause it leaves one guy close and exposed.

The Jordanians are in trouble. As the Israeli Mech platoon is picks off Infantry teams. It's only a matter of time before they're destroyed or break.

There is no way the Jordanian platoon can hold in its reduced state against the Israeli Mech platoon. It's likely the assault will happen next turn.  So, the Jordanians have to commit the hiding Centurion platoon towards the Israeli Mech platoon.  Shooting at Israeli tanks with hen chicks is impossible anyway.

Good news though - we get a reserve roll on the first try so we will have another tank platoon.   Its time to go all in verse the Israeli infantry. It's also now or never against the ISherman platoon as it is exposed as well

Hoping to break the IShermans, we commit all the M48s against them. It will be the best shot we can get. Which means rolling a 5 or 6 versus Veterans in the open plus Hen and chicks (the Jordanian "Taa" rule) Bang we get one..bail one.

We whiffed for the next reserve roll, meaning no platoon coming on the table this turn.  The Jordanian attack was a gamble but he only way to get close enough to even get a shot off with  Taa rule is to expose the tanks.

Not enough kills for the morale check.. return fire is going to suck.

Great - another ISherman platoon shows up.

High water mark for the Jordanians.

Ha ....take that.

This guy bails back in....oh no.

I took a lot of pictures after our turn.

The Centurions. trying to ward off an assault, did little versus the Mech platoon. The Israeli assault is going to happen.

IShermans clock the reserve platoon.  One left though.

Loss of another to the short range ISherman.

Oops...failed morale roll, first platoon gone. The Magach 3 platoon works over the Centurion platoon and they fail morale as well. Two platoons down with two on. No company morale check for the Jordanians... yet.

No reserves come in. All we can do now is sit and shoot vs the ISherman platoon.

We hit another Isherman and kill it - hey we got two, but not enough for the check.

The M113s were called back onto the table but will be useless vs the Israeli infantry assault.

Israeli turn - here they come....

Between the Magach 3 and two platoons of Ishermans and the Company Command Isherman, we get smoked.

Boom, there we go, the Jordanian platoon loses in the assault then fails the company morale check.


Never in my life have I been tabled in Flames of just happened. I lost every team on the board killed. Dead.   

Hey we did kill two Isreali tanks.  YEAH!

This is ugly.

Well I don't know what else we could have done. Being on the receiving end of Israeli semi-indirect fire (re-roll misses at long range)  is out of the question.  Hiding and hoping is the only tactic we could use.

More fun and exiting Israeli vs Jordanian battles to come.

Eric Lauterbach can be heard with Luke and Jon on the WWPD podcast where they discuss how to separate the men from the boys, and the slightly annoyed and the vaguely Canadian. 

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