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Monday, February 3, 2014

Bolt Action - The Big News

BARbarians, the teased announcement is here, for those of you that haven't already figured it out.

That's right, gang. BoltAction.Net now spans the globe.

I'm very excited to announce that our great friends over at have officially joined forces with your pals at The BAR. Now all of the articles and podcasts you're looking for can be found here!

What does this mean, for you? First of all, tune in to the next episode of Bolt Action Radio (Episode 21 - coming soon!) to hear it discussed, as well as some opinions on the current developments in Bolt Action events.

Put simply, it means five articles a week. No longer do you need to click all around the 'net looking for your Bolt Action hobby input. You'll find something new, Monday through Friday. Additionally, all the LRDG podcasting you've come to know and love will now be found exclusivelyt on the BoltAction.Net stream. Bolt Action Radio, LRDG, Speakeasy, and even more are coming soon; and you only need to look for it all in one place.

The Bolt Action community is always expanding, and the hub is expanding with you. On behalf of Dano, Brad, CBax, Dave, CH, Tobie, Lachlan, Captain TO, and everyone involved (or soon to be involved) stay tuned, because the future is bright!

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