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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Battlefront M42 Duster (AJO161)

by Eric Lauterbach
AJO161 Jordanian M42 Duster
The Battlefront Jordanian M42 Duster AJO161  is an essential piece of kit for anyone building a Jordanian army. Developed and produced in the 50s by the US Army as a mobile AAA platform it was soon found in many countries around the world. The US Army had almost phased the vehicle out by 1963 but the Vietnam War revived the Duster and several battalions were reactivated. As a low level AAA platform the Duster served well in the Jordanian Army as well since most of their Air Force was wiped out in the first day. I had purchased a couple of Dusters for my US forces in Vietnam pack VUS161 and had not put them together yet so the Jordanian was my first go at it.

Standard one vehicle pack

In the pack you get two sets of heads one in British style helmet and US Style helmet

I am really not a fan of gluing heads on after doing it for my German Flak vehicles.

Nice hole for the magnet (Ed: *Snicker* nice hole *snicker*)
No matter how hard I tried, the tracks did not seam to line up and I had these gaps.  The tracks were not that clean of cast to begin with.

Thinking I may have a bad casting, I opened a second M42 that I had purchased for my Americans.  It was better than the Jordanian one but still did not fit well.
With light tank speed the Duster can tear up some Israeli light vehicles. 

Battlefront really captured the detail of the M42.

Back deck with detailed tarps and tools

The Bad:  On the negative side of the this vehicle is the tracks.  I still do not know why the do not match up properly.  I also do not like gluing heads on but that is just me, it actually allows you to buy the pack for your US forces as well.

The Good:  You need these guys.  A platoon that is only 70 points that puts out 5 shots AT 6 with 4+ firepower fits into the must buy category. With no air option your going to get pasted by enemy air so don't leave home without your Dusters Its just too useful in your army to pass up. The vehicle detail on the upper hull is great and when painted up its a sweet looking tank.

Eric Lauterbach can be heard with his bros Luke and Jon reciting Shakespearian sonnets on the WWPD podcast which we all know is just that classy.  

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