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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Review: T-34/85M (AARBX03)

AARBX03 T-34/85M!
The venerable T-34's last major upgrade, the T-34/85M, was used by the Egyptians and many other Soviet Bloc nations.  The changes were not a new production run, but a refurbishing program to existing models prolonging  the life of the vehicle.  The T-34/85M had a new radio, road wheels the same as the T-54, night driving equipment added, plus improved fuel and drivetrain components.  Much like the Soviet improving their T-34 model, Battlefront has done so as well.  This latest and greatest box set (AARBX03) really shows some improvement over the old versions back from the day.
You get 3 T34/85M in the box.

The parts are really clean. Almost no flash just a couple of nuggets on the machineguns.

Hey I got magnets as well!

Wow look at all these parts for T-34s its the catch all sprue. It has so many parts on here its a little difficult to get snips in between to remove them from the sprue. 

Standard commander load out.

Super clean hull! very nice.

Oops problem.  I had gun mount resin chipping.

I really like the new tracks.

These guys went together quick

The new sprue of T-34 parts provides extra track and fuel tanks to customize your vehicles.  YEAH!

Simple Egyptian sand color.

Just a bone undercoat with a wash.  This is a good thing  because the Egyptians need a ton of these guys.

Look at these Easy Army stats, 40 tanks for 780 points yikes!

The Bad:   Not a much bad you can say about the model other than some slight chipping in the barrel mount.  Battlefront has really come a long way with tank production.  On a army note, you are going to go broke fielding these guys with them costing under 20 points a vehicle.

The Good:  I can't say enough about how much I like the new plastic and resin combo models battlefront is doing.  I really enjoyed putting these guys together, its a sweet model.  Go out get yourself 40 of them!

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