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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bolt Action - Cbax's German Army Collection

By Cbax

Last week I showed off my Russian army collection.  This week we are on to the Germans.  I began collecting my Germans around the same time as my Russians.  I am of the philosophy that you should always collect two sides for any miniatures game you plan on playing, so you can easily run demo games and get your friends hooked.  Like my Russians, my German army as become quite large, but there are still some goodies I need to pick up.

Here are my late war German vehicles and SS collection.  One thing that drive me nuts, but I also love, is that there are so many different paint schemes for German equipment.  I am a neckbeard (a pretty cool one) and I must have all my equipment matching in a game.  I get all flustered if it doesn't, and this can sometimes put me in a position were I own multiple vehicles painted with different camouflage schemes.

This is most of my Heer, some Luftwaffe field troops, with some early war model tanks and transports.

Here is the rest of the army.  I've got some mid war tanks and a small Fallschirmjager force.

Here is my Panther, Tiger, and Panzer IV H.

I also have a Puma and a Hanomag

My SS support section - it includes an MG-42, 81mm mortar, 75mm howitzer, a sniper, panzerschreck, and flame thrower.

Here is the core of my SS force.  I have two squads with a variety of weapons and a squad with STG-44s.

Here are my command and HQ elements.

My long, grey, column of early war tanks.

Heer headquarters section

I have enough infantry to make five squads of Heer.

Flamer thrower, panzerschrek, and a new objective marker

This are my Luftwaffe field troops.  I run these as inexperienced German troops.

The motor pool.

My 88, with transport.

These are my babies.  I love the Panzer III.  I have four Ls and a M.

German support section

That's a lot of grey!  Things I want to get include, more tanks and support weapons.  I have a lot of infantry and boots, but need a few more assault rifles.  I am also thinking of picking up Germans in long coats.  I also want anti-tank guns, medium and heavy howitzers, a nebelwerfer, and lots more vehicles.

I really like the photos of other people's armies, so keep on sharing your collections on the forum.

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