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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Volksgrenadiers vs Romanian Rifles

by Steven MacLauchlan

Andrew and I played a game over the Holiday break, and wanted to something a bit silly.  My goal was simply to run 2 Jagdtigers.  Originally, I was gonna run a company of em, and will have to try that soon!  We rolled for the mission: Pincer.  We rolled for attacker/defender, and I was put on defense.  Andrew had a tough fight on his hands to be sure.

My list was just a bunch of crackers for the juicy Jagdtigers.  The infantry are a delivery system that needs to not die, and that's all I want from them!

Andrew was playing a list put together by his brother, I think.  The list above is approximate.  Mike's Romanian infantry are painted beautifully.

Deployment.  Andrew heavily weights the German right flank.  I start with my Sturm troops and schutzen.  I Combat Attach the HMGs, and then Kampfgruppe 2 Assault Rifle teams from the Sturm to remain at 8 platoons.  Pak 40s go in Ambush.  Jagdtigers deploy front and center.

Andrew is making my own T-34s fight against me!  Seriously, these pictures do not do Mike's Romanians justice.

Andrew rolls pretty poorly for his motivation/skill ratings.  All of his infantry is Confident Trained.  His guns are Reluctant Vet.  His scouts Reluctant Trained.

Armour rolls out, gunning for the German right flank.

The German right flank braces itself.

Jagdtigers dominating the open field.

Andrew's guns ready to open up.

View from the right.  Andrew's goal is to smash through this platoon and make a run for the backfield objective.
The gun line.  With AT 13, those Resita guns are awesome!  Too bad it won't ding the paint on the Jagdtigers!

Pak 40s ambush just outside of 16" of Andrew's tanks.  They open up, and whiff pretty good.

1 bail!

Jagdtigers slide right.

The Soviet tanks sit still and fire on the pak 40s, knocking one out.

Jagdtigers keep on jaggin'

And the first Soviet tank goes up in smoke.

The Soviets come out swinging, and the infantry starts following after.

The German CiC has to get out of his foxhole to help the Jagdtigers remain in command.  They pull back into the protective meat shield to keep them from getting flanked.

Nebelwerfers arrive on the left.

Jagdtigers and Pak 40s tear into the Soviets.

Jagdtigers are nothing to be trifled with when they get to sit still and shoot at full ROF.

The tanks break.  With that, Andrew decides his CT infantry aren't going to press home the attack and we call it.

This was a very anti-climactic fight, and I almost thought about not posting it.  However, I want to leave it up as a reminder to myself of the strength of the Jagdtiger, and how to minimize getting flanked.  However, if Andrew had had any heavy artillery, the Jagdtigers might've been in a world of hurt.

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