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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dust Warfare/Tactics - Heavy Recon Grenadiers and Heavy Kommandotrupp

For those of us who grew up playing 40K and are also lovers of history, there is nothing cooler than Germans in heavy body armor.  The Dust Tactics/Warfare Heavy Recon Grenadiers and Kommandotrupp are the perfect mix of history and scifi awesome.   Armed with dual machineguns and a Fliegerfaust these guys will form the body and/or center piece to any army.

The Heavy Kommandotrupp provider leadership to both your Dust Tactics and Warfare army.  It comes with a mechanic with a Fliegerfaust (which were actually used during World War Two), an officer, and a medic.

The mechanic/fliegerfaust trooper is wearing what appears to be a pilots cap and looks to be ready to fly.  He is also rocking a pretty heavy duty monkey wrench.  I love the look of the fliegerfaust, a multi tube 20mm rocket cannon.

This is the medic figure.  He really isn't that different from the regular recon grenadiers.  The unpainted model has a red cross decal on his shoulder.  One thing that is nice is he is a different pose than the other heavy recon grenadiers.

By far my favorite model out of both packs is the officer.  Instead of rocking a helmet, he has an officer cap and is puffing on a cigar.  I don't know if you can tell by the model, but I also gave him a eye patch.

These are Heavy Recon Grenadiers.  The unit comes with three troopers, one of which is suppose to be the leader.  These are all decked out in armor and armed with the dual machine guns.

The heavy recon grenadiers come in three distinct poses.  This one is my favorite of the three.  He is just a regular dude, not the leader.

This is the leader.  There is nothing that really distinguishes him from other troopers, other than it looks like he is barking orders.

This is the third and final grenadier.  He is also my least favorite.  Can you guess why?

Yes he looks like he is bull rushing the enemy or falling down a flight of stairs .  I get that he is the most dynamic of all the pose, but he is bent way too far over.  I wish they had a trooper pointing his daul machinegun shield at the enemy instead.

For more information on how these guys perform in Dust Tactics check out the review from Jeremiah Terry, from Front Toward Enemy.

Despite that one meh trooper, I love both of these sets.  Like all the other Dust models they come pre-primed with some decals.  As cool as they are they still suffer from lack of variety if you want to field multiple units, they are all going look the same.  However you don't need a lot of figures to play Dust, so its not that big of a deal and they still look so cool.

If you dig the Heavy Recon Grenadier lets chat about it on the forum.

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