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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Soviet vs Germans: Learners' Game

A few buddies and I got together to play some Bolt Action.  Two of them had never played before, and the other had only played once.  I put together some simple introduction forces so they could learn the basics.  The forces mirrored each other for the most part, and we played to kill.  All forces were Regulars. 

Soviet Force
2 x 1st Lt.
4 x LMG Squad (NCO w/SMG +  LMG)
2 x MMG w/ gun shield
1 x Medium Mortar
1 x Sniper
2 x T-34/76
1 x Free Inxp. Squad

German Force

2 x 1st Lt.
4 x Squad (NCO w/SMG +  LMG)
2 x MMG
1 x Medium Mortar
1 x Sniper
2 x Panzer III L

The board

T-34 arrives from the board edge

Soviets advance

German MMG opens fire

Sneaky Germans

German Squad gets caught in the open

Maxim moves to support the T-34

Mortar fire strikes first

The German squad caught outside the house draw more fire

Soviet troops take up defensive positions

Meanwhile the pigs rut around in the manure

Naval troops shoot some more Germans, then duct into the house

A Panzer III moves up to save the German infantry

T-34 moves out

German bodies everywhere

Caught in the middle of it all

German MMG redeploys

This doesn't stop the T-34 through

Soviet sniper takes up position on a hill

T-34 takes the fight to the Germans

With first squad dead, 2nd is ordered into the kill zone

Panzer III comes in from reserve

So do more Soviet Infantry

The Panzer III make quick work of the aggressive T-34


The battle is raging and the momentum turns in favor of the Germans

The burning T-34 wreck chokes the battlefield with thick black smoke

German mortar fire misses

Withering gunfire cuts through these Russians

Drawing the attention of every German unit with a gun

Germans start their offensive

Covered by MMG fire

In an attempt to take the lead in kills, the Inexperienced Russians charge toward the enemy through the blood of the dead.

Also covered by the sniper

Finally, on turn seven, the other T-34 arrives but fails to hit, even at point blank.

This Panzer III tries to shoot the new T-34, but misses also.

The Aftermath

The game started strong for the Soviets, but like most Bolt Action games, it was unpredictable and the Germans ended up winning by killing five units to three.  We had a few interesting things happen during the game.  First, because of how I placed the terrain, LMGs became very valuable.  LMGs could hit when others could not, and benefited from the extra range when determining if a target was at long range.  The game was an awesome first game for those playing, and everyone had picked up the rules by turn two.  Everyone had a great time, and can't wait for out next game.

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