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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

AAR: 2nd ID vs. Whittmann

2nd I.D. versus Whittmann Flames of War Battle Report
By Luke Melia 

Set up - look at those massive hooves!

2nd ID - Luke
Confident Veteran
2 Infantry platoons- 4 total bazookas
1 HMG platoon with 2 bazookas
1 Cavalry Recon
1 Platoon 57mm guns
1 Veteran M-10 platoon
1 Confident Trained Towed AT guns with 4 bazookas and 4 half tracks
1 Platoon 1055mm towed artillery
1 Platoon (2guns) 155mm towed artillery

Confident Veteran
2 Tiger Platoons (2 each)
3 Panzer Mark IV
Mechanized Panzer Grenadiers
Whittmann in Tiger

We are playing on a pretty open table as our experiment with light terrain.  We are playing encounter.   Jon is feeling pretty nervous about being open to the TD ambush capability.  He starts one unit of Tigers in the edge of the woods.  Because of the open terrain, he was basically stuck having to place one of his in the open with Whittmann in ambush.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WWPD Overlord: “Start of the Breakout” – Cherbourg cut off, general advance

Here is the news for 29th July. Allied forces have begun a general advance against remaining German positions in Normandy. Reports from the front indicate that German resistance is “crumbling” in the face of heavy ground assaults and incessant air attack.

General Bradley has announced that the Cotentin peninsula and the port of Cherbourg were finally cut off when US forces reached the coast at Creances. Most of the isolated forces are apparently falling back on the defences around Cherbourg itself, leaving behind rear guards. In addition, heavy armoured assaults have been launched around and to the west of St. Lo, with German defenders reported to be rapidly falling back in confusion or overrun in place. Panzer divisions attempting to counterattack have been shattered in confrontations with the US 3rd and 4th Armoured divisions backed by Allied air power.

There have been breakthroughs in the British sector as well, with armoured forces driving into the more open terrain south of Caen. General Montgomery’s headquarters announced the capture of Villers-Bocage, scene of several bitter armoured engagements. The Desert Rats are reported to be moving to isolate German units still holding out near the initial landing beaches. These forces, which include some of Germany’s last reserves in the west, are in danger of being cut off. Units of the Guards’ Armoured division have also been advancing after initially being delayed by determined but scattered German formations.

General Eisenhower has confirmed that there has been a significant advance. Speaking to reporters at his headquarters, he stated that “this appears to be the start of the breakout we have been working towards.” He went on to state that German forces would be forced to either hold in place, and likely be destroyed, or attempt to withdraw in the face of Allied aerial supremacy. “Either way, we’re ready for them.”

By Patrick Gribble

Only 5 Days left of WWPD Operation Overlord and its going to be close! The Germans have held the Allies strong for a few weeks running, but the Allies have put a huge effort in and are starting to make up for lost time. The Allies are knocking on the gates at St-Lo and only a couple of areas away from Cherbourg and total victory!

Will the Axis change history or will the Allies recreate it! Join the fight at Overlord.wwpd.net

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Plastic Soldier Company Zis-2 57mm AT Guns

Recently Bob Sixninesixwrote a spotlight article for WWPD on the Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Zis-2/3 Gun set. Concurrently with his effort, I was also working on the same set of PSC guns for a friend of mine and was also intending to write a review of them.  When I saw Bob’s article I thought “there goes that idea” but then I thought since he built his set as the Zis-3 76.2mm version of the guns, then it might still be worthwhile to do an article ones I worked on because my friend wanted the Zis-57mm AT Gun versions done. So….

I had recently assembled and painted ten T-70 tanks from PSC that I was very impressed with. So I was excited to try my hand with set of PSC guns and their crew to see how PSC's foot figures and artillery were. Plastic Soldier Company products are easily available from my LGS. They had no problem getting them this boxed set in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price.
My fist "worry" about these 57mm guns was that the barrels would suffer from the gun tube droop shown in the models on the box cover image. Happily this was not the case and I noticed that the guns shown on the box cover must be the 1/72nd scale ones rather than the 15mm scale guns and crew as they crew figure were different with blanket rolls etc added.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Luke's Historicon Picture Dump

by Luke Melia

There is really not of Flames of War here.  I figured you would get enough of that from all of our other sources.  There is so much to do at an HMGS convention I wanted to give a good overview of just a few of them.

This is the night before with some warm up gaming of Spartacus in the mines.  We were joined by Jeff, Flint and Mike Raper.  Jon pulled off a win at the last second, even though he phoned it in.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

AAR: 7th Armoured vs. Whittmann

Eric Turner came down for a visit from Boston, and we decided to get in a little game of Flames of War before Historicon.  We rolled up a Fair Fight Mission of Dust Up.

We are continuing our efforts to use a bit less terrain in our games - this board is no exception.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

News from the Front Episode 61 - Live from Historicon 2013

Click here to download episode 61!

The dudes talk about the Historicon experience with special guest Judson from BoltAction.net

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Winter War (EW): Soviets vs Finns

Sean and I had scheduled a Normandy game for Operation Overlord, but at the very last second decided to play a game using Rising Sun which had just arrived. Sean's always been a fan of the Finns, and I was excited to try a ridiculous Strelkovy horde. The last time I used them was against some Polish Cavalry and the effect was quite devastating! We rolled for the mission and came up with "Surrounded". Perfect!
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Monday, July 22, 2013

European Hardware

This post will be a little thin on words, but heavy on pictures.  I recently got a chance to vacation in England and France, so I dragged my wife all over the countryside looking for any rusted out tank I could find.  Below are the results of that journey.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gone Fishin'

The WWPD Crew is at Historicon!  We'll be back next week with the usual shenanigans.  In the mean time, follow all the Historicon action on Twitter @WWPDPodcast.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Visit to the AAF Tank Museum in Danville VA

Over the 4th of July Holiday, my family and I traveled down to the AAF Tank Museum in Danville VA to have a look!  Below is a photo dump from our trip.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WWPD Operation Overlord: 2 Weeks In!

Wow! What a stunning first two weeks we have had! The Allies have secured a beach head and are now keen on breaking out to secure Caen and work their way to their other primary objectives.

We have been blown away by the huge number of Battle Reports we have received. In our first two weeks of the campaign, we have reached nearly 200+ Battle Reports by 187 users. To put this into context our previous Global Campaign, Operation Sealion, received 200 Batreps the entire campaign.

This isn't me about bragging, this is about thanking the community for being awesome! This is to celebrate you guys! Keep being awesome!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Six-Day War - Fighting Withdrawal

One of my regular gaming buddies, Ron, had been keen to try some FoW gaming for the Six-Day War using the player mod list from Broke Low at http://brokelow.blogspot.com/2013/04/rules-for-fow-six-day-war.html#!/2013/04/rules-for-fow-six-day-war.html . Ron had also just finished up sizable forces for this conflict and I had just acquired a Geo-Hex Desert Gamescape so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to set up a modern desert FoW game! Ron played the Israelis while I and another friend, Charles, played the physically larger Egyptian force. We rolled up “Fighting Withdrawal” as a mission with Charles and I defending with the Egyptians.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

French vs Germans in Counter Attack

Jon has been working diligently on his Early War Germans, and we finally got together to put them on the table.  I decided to let him first face the French infantry, and so left the SOMUAs and Char B1s at home.  Ditto Laffleys and Panhards!  We rolled for the mission and came up with Counter Attack.  So crappy trained infantry vs a horde of tanks?  Uh oh.
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

US Late War Nationals - Not Too Late to Play!

Battlefront Miniatures USA Event Manager and the Prime Minister of Flames of War Nationals Epic Goodness, J. Bruce Nemet, needs your help!  Just in from the Wire:

“…C’mon guys Battlefront is going for the record.  Sign up now and be a part of the largest FoW tournament ever in North America!  If you are not sure you can play until the last minute email Battlefront at USNationals@battlefront.co.nz and they’ll try somehow to get you in.”

19 - 20 July 2013
Late-war East Coast Open Nationals
6 games
1780 points

Fredericksburg Expo &
Conference Center
2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway

Virginia, 22401

Its EASY to sign up and play!  You get to play guys like Eric Turner!  How HARD can it be to beat this guy?

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News From the Front Episode 60

Click here to download episode 60!

The dudes reminisce about WWPD over the last few years as Steve prepares to head to New Zealand!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beyond the Foxholes Ep 1

WWPD is very excited to add another podcast to the lineup!  The gents behind the every awesome Breakthrough Assault blog recently recorded their first episode for your listening pleasure.

In Episode one Ben, Adam and Winner Dave are on the road to the Welsh Open. In part one the we talk about our lists, our expectations of the event and a little bit about the new D-Day books.

In Part two we have a full AAR of the Welsh Open, our fun and games on the Saturday night (it includes a bagpipe and not in a good way!) and what we have coming up in the next few months.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A big announcement and a fond farewell.

Friends, fans, and followers of WWPD,

I have a big announcement to make.  As of a few days ago, I accepted a position with Battlefront Miniatures in Auckland, NZ.  I will be in a management position overseeing digital properties associated with the company.  This includes websites, social media, youtube, etc.  Additionally, I will become a point of contact for fan sites around the web.  I can’t be much more specific about the role just yet, because much of my specific responsibilities remain to be hammered out by me and the rest of the senior management team.  I will, however, remain in close contact with the gaming community to be sure!

Of course, the excitement is a bit bittersweet.  Naturally, this means I can no longer remain at WWPD.  WWPD will thus remain independent, as I will be handing the reins over to Dirty Jon.  I leave WWPD in good (albeit of questionable cleanliness...) hands.  Yes, this means there will be changes, but those will be addressed in time.  My last official outing with WWPD will be at Historicon 2013, with the live show there being my last podcast.

I hope you all understand why this is an opportunity my family and I can’t pass up, and share with us in our sheer excitement!  As my good friend Tom put it: this is nerd apotheosis.  Being able to do what I love in a beautiful  country, in the company of people I share interests with?  It’s really a no brainer, except for it being on the other side of the globe!  We’ve already begun applying rogaine to Isabelle’s feet to make sure she’s ready for her first day of Hobbit School.  I think that’s a thing in NZ.

The last several years have been great!  I’ve made countless new friends, and tons of great memories.  The Jungle Room?  ‘Uman Factor?  The first Cold Wars live show?  These are things that I will forever look back on fondly.  So to all the friends I’ve made, and especially the guys who’ve made WWPD what it is today, you have my sincerest “thank you”.  Now, I’ve got a few weeks before we leave and one last convention- so pass the Knob Creek and the dice, and let’s get back to what matters.  Making little toy men wage war!

-Steven MacLauchlan

PS- make sure to tune into the next episode of the show!  We’ll of course be talking a lot about this.

Thanks again!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Vietnam AAR: Hot LZ!

After Sean and I's last game, Sean was eager to try the airmobile list.  We decided to add some offboard artillery to each list and try out the "Hot LZ" mission again.  We've been taking turns as the US and PAVN, so I was also eager to try the PAVN with the 2 platoon strong companies and see if I could push the Imperialists off their LZ.  The Elephant Grass is waist high, providing concealment to all troops and guns on the ground.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Operation Overlord is well underway!

There are TONS of Battle Reports coming in for Operation Overlord!

Here's the latest from our reporter in the field Patrick Gribble:

Here is the news for 2nd July. Allied forces have continued their air and sea landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area of northern France. Supreme Headquarters has stated that the landings are meeting stiff resistance in some areas but that overall steady progress is being made.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Big Red One vs Panzer Lehr (Operation Overlord)

Tom and I wanted to get in on the Overlord action, and so played a game just passed Omaha Beach featuring a German mechanized counter attack. We settled on "Cauldron" to represent the mission. Note that we are using the old D-Day books. We played So. Many. Turns. That a blow by blow is not possible. Instead, I'll just show the pictures as they happened!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

List Dissection: Canadian Infantry

List Dissection: Canadian Infantry
by Allen Smith.

Concept: Steve has asked me to put together a list dissection for a Canadian Infantry Company that would be a strong candidate for tournament play.  Based on the recent popularity of the list and the fact it is from the new Market Garden book, I was happy to oblige.  This list is a tournament worthy list and I will detail why certain platoons make sense in that setting.  However, the list is really fun to play and a tournament is by no means required to have a great time!
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Operation Deadstick: Hold Until Relieved

It is D-Day, June 6th 1944, 00:16 hours. The British 6th Airborne Division, including D Company of the Oxfordshire & Buckinhamshire Light Infantry, are tasked with seizing a key crossing of the Caen Canal from elements of the 752. Grenadier Kompanie in order to secure one of the few flanking routes available to Germans for counter attack.

Today, as part of the opening moves of the WWPD global Flames of War campaign we proudly present the assault on Pegasus Bridge.

I and my partner in crime Ben decided to fight it out at 1780 points. He'll be running an Airlanding Company from Turning Tide and I'll be running Grenadiers from Earth & Steel. We went with the older books because, at the time we played the scenario, the new versions weren't out yet.

To do the scenario some justice while still making it a competitive fight we decided on a few special rules:

  • There are two objectives, one at each end of the bridge. To win, the British, as the attackers, must hold both objectives.
  • German units on the map, other than the MG nests, will start bailed out or pinned until turn two.
  • The British will start with 6 platoons deploying from the 2 Horsa gliders on their short board edge. 
  • German and British reserves are both delayed. British reserves, due to the nature of the air landings, have a chance to come in on either short board edge. 
    • A roll of 1, 2 or 3 will see their reserves coming on from the board edge closest to their Landing Zone. 
    • A roll of 4, 5 or 6 will see the reserves coming on from the board edge closest to the Sword Beach exit. 
    • German reserves come on from the Sword Beach exit table edge. 
  • It is night until turn 5 when, beginning on the defenders turn, a 5+ will end night fight rules.
  • The game ends on turn 10 
Check out the whole fight after the break!
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