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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Battlefront Video: The Early Days

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Leviathans Battle Over Libya

 The French Navy Vessels Pontbriand and Pelletier are on patrol over Libya, when Her Majesty's Leviathan New Zealand and her escort HML Raven move to intercept.  Early on, some well placed shots from the New Zealand cripple the Pontbriand's engines, and kill the crew leaving the French cruiser crippled.

 The french vessel Montpellier is nearby, and quickly arrives to support the crippled French cruiser.  Meanwhile, the Pelletier deftly maneuvers around the HML New Zealand, continuously crossing the T, and leaving the bow of the New Zealand a smoking ruin.

 The New Zealand is swarmed by the two light and fast French ships Pelletier and Montpellier, but the HML Raven escorts her valiantly, firing salvo after salvo into the French.
 The New Zealand easily avoids the Pontbriands bristling 65mm guns, but cannot last long against the swarming dogs.
 But the HML Raven is never far behind.
 Despite her valiant efforts, the HML New Zealand finally succumbs after taking a withering beating.  In a salvo of flame and fury, the French vessel Montpellier also crashes to earth, her hulking frame intertwined in the ruin of the New Zealand.
 The Raven is left outnumbered, but has not a scratch on her.  Her Captain is known for his daring, but even the French give pause as he comes about, and moves to intercept the Pontbriand.
 The Raven pulls alongside the Pelletier and lets loose.
 She then maneuvers herself into the bow of the Pontbriand.
 And scores a critical hit on her Engine, sending her plummeting to the earth.  Low on ammunition, and damaged, the two remaining ships part ways.  Both sides lost several good ships.  The Captain of HML Raven receives a distinguished service medal, and later receives a knighthood.
The Raven is in relatively good shape, all things considered.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frontal Assault Tournament 16 Feb 13

After the months of planning it was over so quick...The Frontal Assault Flames of War Tournament co-sponsored by The Foundry Game Store in Huntsville Alabama and the WWPD Podcast was a complete success...and a great time was had by all.  I want to give a special thanks to all the players for making it easy on me as a TO...and an extra special shout out to the "out-of-towners" who came to fight.
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On the Road Episode 4- Norcal Crew!

Welcome to a guest episode of On The Road with Eric "Mathemagician" Riha, Crazy Rich "Tantexto" Barnes, Reno "Dr. Excedrin" Besseghini, and Dai "DeadDai" Eby from the NorCal Flames of War tournament circuit. Them Duke Boys are on their way home from the first event of the 2013 circuit; listen as they discuss their lists, their opponents, their performance at the event, how they can do better, and what other lists were kickin' butt. So buckle in, sit back, and let's get On The Road!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: More Battlefront M24 Chaffees from the Cavalry Army Group Box (USAB04)

I got the other half of the M24 Chaffee combat platoons when Steve-O split up the Cavalry Group Box set he received, and boy are these little guys sweet!

The other reviews of these guys seen here and here cover many of the same points I will, but I think they are worth covering.

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1200 pts Scourge vs UCM

Played some more DZC today. A quick semi-intro game against Joe T. with 1200 pts of Scourge vs UCM.

The UCM forces

The Scourge invasion

We always like to have a giant auto wreck on the board

Not-so-busy intersection

The board shot

The armored phalanx moves up

Rapier AA tanks take cover behind the massive automobile pileup

Praetorians doing what they do best - zooming up in the Black Hawk 'Chopper!

The Scourge Reapers move into position under the Condor carrying all of my boots.

And some other Reapers manage to take down the Praetorians dropship, but not before they rope dropped in to the building!

The first building crushed beneath the UCM warmachine!

The boots transport is smoked

Annihilator on the prowl

 Another building leveled creates a line of fire to the Annihilator

Whelp, I know bunching up these tanks would be a bad idea sooner or later...

And yet another building crushed! I enjoy blowing up buildings if you couldn't tell...

The Reapers pick up an objective dropped in the open....

...before it's grabbed by some Rapiers!

Sadly, the Scourge kill off a Legionairre in the open (because his building was about to blow up), which drops their objective, giving the Scourge a 2-1 win!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Firestorm Battle in Mogilev- Forward Det. vs Grens

Turn 2, game 4 of our Firestorm Campaign has finally arrived! The Assault on Mogilev! I ran the Forward Detachment, and Sean ran Grenadiers. We decided the entire board was slow going, with the craters difficult. Sean elected to use the Festerplatz fortifications. Sean's Grenadiers were out of command, but rolled a 5 and were thus unaffected. Evidently, they were well stocked! The mission is Pincer.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Achtung Cthulhu Kickstarter!

Hey guys!  I know this is a little outside of the scope of WWPD, but  I saw this and thought it looked really neat.  I'm sure there's plenty of other WWPDers who, like me, love the idea of the intersection of WWII and Cthulhu.  Ia Ia!  -Steven

Official Press Release:

Achtung! Cthulhu – The Investigator’s Guide to the Secret War & The Keeper’s Guide to the Secret War Kickstarted in 26 hours!
British publisher Modiphius, has taken to crowdsourcing platform to bring its dark vision of a secret World War Two to life. 
Inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft, Modiphius Entertainment is launching the Keeper’s and the Investigator's Guides to the Secret War for use in the terrifying World War Two roleplaying game setting, Achtung! Cthulhu. After twelve months working on Achtung! Cthulhu for the popular Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds roleplaying games, Chris Birch, founder of Modiphius decided to launch the brand on Kickstarter. Why? "We have three Achtung! Cthulhu wartime campaigns in the works, with the amazing Zero Point by Sarah Newton already on release. There have been so many people asking when we'll release the main sourcebooks that we decided to bring them forward and hope that by launching them on Kickstarter it will allow us to create a much bigger and higher quality product for everyone." 
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Diesel N Dust Episode 1

WWPD is proud to announce a brand new Podcast on the network!  Diesel N Dust will chronicle Flames of War Action from Down Under!

The lads from Angriff road trip it to the nation's capital to participate in 'The Worlds'. David test drives the new Battlefront bulldozer, Lachlan talks Market garden lists, and we all fire a few more rounds with the six and seventeen pounders.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

British Mortar Platoon (BR725)

As time has worn on, I am slowly going back and replacing some of the items in my British Flames of War army.  There are many reasons for this:  poor paint jobs, inconsistent look and feel across the army, new releases from manufacturers, etc.  In this particular case, I just needed some better looking models.

So, I picked up a British Mortar Platoon (BR725) to go with the rest of my British Late War Army.  I did not paint the three PIAT teams that also come in this set, as I have enough of those already.
3 sections - that is a LOT of mortars!
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BF Video: Special Rules

There's been a lot of concern over special rules lately. We also discuss this at length in After Hours Episode 52, but in this video we discuss it with the Battlefront Team and their perception of it.

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Video Game Review: Path of Exile

I've played this little hidden gem on again/off again for a bit. It's a new release that just entered "open beta" from Grinding Gear Games called Path of Exile. It's the latest and greatest in in Action RPG genre.

Gameplay screenshot from Grinding Gear Game's website. 

It captures the feel of Diablo 2/Torchlight for all of the old school ARPG players out there. Same basic concepts exist - grind the same content over and over for random-stat gear to build and develop your character. The basic game story has your character as an exile that gets stranded on an island, and you play through three "acts" of a story to progress your storyline. Once you "beat the game" the first time, you then play through it twice more on progressively harder difficulties. Once that is done, there's a custom map designing system that sadly I don't have any first hand experience with, as I haven't gotten that far!

The new things that Path of Exile has introduced is some neat end-game content, a unique skill system, and a unique currency system.

Looks look at the items and skill system first.

This is a pretty standard item screen for anyone used to these types of games.
Notice the actual wand on the right has two "sockets" in it, that are connected by a link. Skills in the game are not learned - they are gems that you equip in to your gear. So this wand has a green socket and a blue socket that are connected.

These are the gems I put in to the socket. On the right, you'll see a combat oriented spell that I use in the form of a blue gem. On the left, is a support oriented green gem that splits my spell in to three separate projectiles. This allows you to customize how your spells work. Another example I could use would be to link a Fireball to a Chain gem, causing my fireballs to chain from target to target. Or I could link the same Fireball to a Pierce gem, making my fireballs continue through their target and hitting things behind them.

Also taken from the GGG website.

In addition to the skill gems, characters get (over the course of their lifetime) 111 "passive skill points" they can spend to customize their character and create a unique build. This skill tree is MASSIVE - far too large for that picture to show anything. So I'll just leave this link if you'd like to check it out. Note that the only difference between "classes" is where you start on this tree - so if you'd like to make a Witch than runs around with two handed axes, you certainly can.

The last new thing Path of Exile introduces is the currency system. There's no gold or other monetary currency that you can use to purchase things. Everything is based on a bartering system, both between players and NPC vendors. There are items commonly called "currency" items in the game, that allow you to edit the stats of other existing items. Because these items are consumables and used, it helps prevent inflation. This forms the basis of the game's crafting system, and has become the commonly agreed basis for trading. As an example, if I find a magic sword I want to sell, I wouldn't be selling it for gold, but rather perhaps 2 of one type of crafting orb and 4 of another. The system encourages players to actively barter with each other, rather than buying items from a faceless person behind an auction hall.

This is a very low level crafting orb that allows you to turn a basic item into a slightly more advanced item.
While it's certainly no Eve replacement for it, it does herald back to memories of playing Diablo 2 for hours on in end in college, and makes for a great game to play when I've just got 30 minutes or so to kill. And let's not forget it's free, so there's no reason not to check it out!

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