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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Battlefront Video: The Early Days

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frontal Assault Tournament 16 Feb 13

After the months of planning it was over so quick...The Frontal Assault Flames of War Tournament co-sponsored by The Foundry Game Store in Huntsville Alabama and the WWPD Podcast was a complete success...and a great time was had by all.  I want to give a special thanks to all the players for making it easy on me as a TO...and an extra special shout out to the "out-of-towners" who came to fight.
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On the Road Episode 4- Norcal Crew!

Welcome to a guest episode of On The Road with Eric "Mathemagician" Riha, Crazy Rich "Tantexto" Barnes, Reno "Dr. Excedrin" Besseghini, and Dai "DeadDai" Eby from the NorCal Flames of War tournament circuit. Them Duke Boys are on their way home from the first event of the 2013 circuit; listen as they discuss their lists, their opponents, their performance at the event, how they can do better, and what other lists were kickin' butt. So buckle in, sit back, and let's get On The Road!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: More Battlefront M24 Chaffees from the Cavalry Army Group Box (USAB04)

I got the other half of the M24 Chaffee combat platoons when Steve-O split up the Cavalry Group Box set he received, and boy are these little guys sweet!

The other reviews of these guys seen here and here cover many of the same points I will, but I think they are worth covering.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Firestorm Battle in Mogilev- Forward Det. vs Grens

Turn 2, game 4 of our Firestorm Campaign has finally arrived! The Assault on Mogilev! I ran the Forward Detachment, and Sean ran Grenadiers. We decided the entire board was slow going, with the craters difficult. Sean elected to use the Festerplatz fortifications. Sean's Grenadiers were out of command, but rolled a 5 and were thus unaffected. Evidently, they were well stocked! The mission is Pincer.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Achtung Cthulhu Kickstarter!

Hey guys!  I know this is a little outside of the scope of WWPD, but  I saw this and thought it looked really neat.  I'm sure there's plenty of other WWPDers who, like me, love the idea of the intersection of WWII and Cthulhu.  Ia Ia!  -Steven

Official Press Release:

Achtung! Cthulhu – The Investigator’s Guide to the Secret War & The Keeper’s Guide to the Secret War Kickstarted in 26 hours!
British publisher Modiphius, has taken to crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter.com to bring its dark vision of a secret World War Two to life. 
Inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft, Modiphius Entertainment is launching the Keeper’s and the Investigator's Guides to the Secret War for use in the terrifying World War Two roleplaying game setting, Achtung! Cthulhu. After twelve months working on Achtung! Cthulhu for the popular Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds roleplaying games, Chris Birch, founder of Modiphius decided to launch the brand on Kickstarter. Why? "We have three Achtung! Cthulhu wartime campaigns in the works, with the amazing Zero Point by Sarah Newton already on release. There have been so many people asking when we'll release the main sourcebooks that we decided to bring them forward and hope that by launching them on Kickstarter it will allow us to create a much bigger and higher quality product for everyone." 
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Diesel N Dust Episode 1

WWPD is proud to announce a brand new Podcast on the network!  Diesel N Dust will chronicle Flames of War Action from Down Under!

The lads from Angriff road trip it to the nation's capital to participate in 'The Worlds'. David test drives the new Battlefront bulldozer, Lachlan talks Market garden lists, and we all fire a few more rounds with the six and seventeen pounders.


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Thursday, February 21, 2013

British Mortar Platoon (BR725)

As time has worn on, I am slowly going back and replacing some of the items in my British Flames of War army.  There are many reasons for this:  poor paint jobs, inconsistent look and feel across the army, new releases from manufacturers, etc.  In this particular case, I just needed some better looking models.

So, I picked up a British Mortar Platoon (BR725) to go with the rest of my British Late War Army.  I did not paint the three PIAT teams that also come in this set, as I have enough of those already.
3 sections - that is a LOT of mortars!
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BF Video: Special Rules

There's been a lot of concern over special rules lately. We also discuss this at length in After Hours Episode 52, but in this video we discuss it with the Battlefront Team and their perception of it.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fieldworks Ruined Factories

 I'm really trying to stick to my promise of expanding Stevograd for Flames of War this year. I've had Fieldworks bookmarked for quite a while now, and finally pulled the trigger.  I settled on 2 of the more expansive looking factory ruins, and got in touch with them to place an order.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bergepanther (GE603)

I picked up a Bergepanther for Flames of War to go with the Panthers I have assembled -- see here and here.  You really cannot beat paying 15 points for a FA 10 MG platform that can also tow you out of a jam!

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Battlefront Real Estate Goodies: House Addons, walls, villagers

The village as it stands now!
 Just a few days ago I received the 2 new Battlefront houses, house add-ons, village walls, and villagers!  In some of our previous reviews, we've pointed out that the blocky shape of the houses was a  bit boring.  Since then, the addition of numerous houses in varying colors and roof shapes has gone a long way to address that- just having a ton of houses makes it start to look like a real village!
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Monday, February 18, 2013

News From the Front Episode 52

As promised, after the train wreck at the bar, episode 52 attempts to be "crunchy".  In the first half we discuss our recent gaming (Fow, Eclipse, Spartacus, EVE), painting, WWPD4VETS, and more!  Act II has rules discussions, glass cannons vs heavy tanks, and Soviet Tank Swarms.
0:00- Intro & AAR
1:01- Often Overlooked Rules (turn order, tank riders, allocating saves), Glass Cannons, Soviet Tank Swarms

Editor's Note: We got carried away and ran out of time for a third act!  

And don't forget about After Hours!  The dudes discuss balance in FoW- Are special rules breaking the game?  The fellows continue on to talk about their usual wide array of silliness!  

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Battlefront's 20mm POLSTEN AA Gun Para (BR530)

The new Operation Market Garden Compilation books, specifically the Market Garden book, add a new weapon to the Flames of War Brit Para lists...the 20mm POLSTEN AA Gun Para (BR530).  No longer will the paras have to tremble in fear of  enemy air power.  What am I saying...Brit Paras never tremble with fear.  This now makes them a threat to ANYTHING the enemy can throw at them...at least in one list (more on that later).

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Videos from Battlefront! Regional Differences and Errata

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Adventures in Early War: Little, Crappy Tanks

I got around to more Early War stuff for Flames of War.  This time, I pulled the Panzerbefehlswagens and Panzer Is out of the box.  I need these guys for the list, so I did up two platoons worth and the HQ.

See, I numbered my Panzer IIs as the first platoon and Pz IIIs for 2nd and 3rd.  This puts me in a bit of a bind.  For some reason, I thought doing the HQ as '01' sounded right, then '2' and '3' can be useful for the other platoons.  I can pretend the Panzer IIIs are the 'replacements' and will be integrated soon or some such.  Anyway, enjoy!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Battlefront Panthers from Kampfgruppe Piper

Kampfgruppe Piper spearheaded the German forces during the Battle of the Bulge (The Adrennes Offensive).  As head of the last great German offensive of the War, Joachim Piper drove his troops until they could fight no more.  The Devils Charge briefing allows you to field Piper and his Kampfgruppe.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guards Tanks

I picked up some more tanks for my British Late War Flames of War army recently -- I got an old BBX08 Armoured Platoon (that link is to the new one).  This is a very old box set, but a good one!

I am especially excited to get some AT 15 assets on the table with the release of the new Market Garden books.

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Monday, February 11, 2013


WWPD4Vets - March 30th, 2013 

Announcing the WWPD4Vets Event, Saturday, March 30th, 2013. 

The Mission: Raise at least $2,500 for the Wounded Warrior Project and other world wide veterans organizations. Follow the WWPD Community as they participate in 24 hours of global game-playing with live updates via Twitter (#WWPD4Vets) and live video feeds at the WWPD4Vets site.


Follow Us on Twitter: Look for #WWPD4Vets updates on Twitter!  We are @WWPDPodcast

Give Cash! Head on over to the WWPD4Vets site and hit the DONATE button and select your charity. We suggest $1, $3 or $5 per hour of games played. Our goal is to reach $2,500 in cash donations to the Wounded Warrior Project. Other charities are an option for folks outside the US.

Clean Your Closet: Head on over to the WWPD4Vets and hit the DONATE button and select 'DONATE YOUR JUNK'. This will take you to a page with instructions on how to list your items on eBay and send the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. After listing the item(s), please also post the listing in the WWPD Forums here. Please set your auctions to end on or before March 30th, 2013.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Ostwinds from SS Kampfgruppe Peiper Box Set (GEAB11)

Edited by author to clarify the track complaint.

I just want to start off by saying this review is related only to the Ostwinds that come in the SS Kampfgruppe Peiper Box Set. I can only hope the blister variant is better.

So with Steve's splitting of the pie, I receive the Ostwind platoon out of the SS Kampfgruppe Peiper Box Set, excited because I only use 3.7cm German AA (we can play the numbers game later). Boy was I in for a surprise on this one.

See our Other Ostwind Review here
That is totally not the hull MG that comes in the box.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Battlefront HQ Videos: Design Principles and Studio Gaming

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News From the Front Episode 51

Episode 51: Live From the Patriot Inn Hotel Bar!

I'm gonna be honest with you guys right off the bat.  This episode is loud, rauckous, and, frankly, a train wreck.  But hey, with 50+ episodes under our belt, we're allowed a night on the town right?  This was recorded in the Holiday Inn Patriot hotel bar at the Muster Convention in Williamsburg VA.  Get down and dirty with the fellas!  I promise episode 52 will be FoW- only and very crunchy.  Crack a beer, turn the lights low, and pretend you're at a high top bar table with us to get the most out of this episode!  -Steven

Episode 51: After Hours!  Steven and Sean discuss their post-tournament action at Muster.  This is crunchier than the NFTF Episode!  Bizarre!
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: Battlefront M36 Jackson

By now everyone is aware of the new hotness available to American Flames of War players in Blood Guts and Glory, Devil’s Charge, and NUTS! By far one of the most powerful additions to the US arsenal is the M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer. The M36 can be taken as a support option in many of the new US companies and is a fearsome foe. Mounting the M3 90mm gun, the M36 can easily handle all but the heaviest armored German tanks.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Finished these guys up in time for the Huzzah Hobbies tournament Jon and I went to a few weeks back.  I'm not sure why these particular photos came out looking like a Barbara Walthers interview, but I sort of like the dreamy effect.  Looks a bit like they're driving through a misty bog!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Italian 20/65 AA

No self respecting Italian player should be without some of the portee 20/65 AA guns available in most of their lists!  For too long I put them off, but decided to knock them out in preparation of the upcoming Muster tournament.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Battle of the Bulge iPad Game Review

By Mitch Reed
My entry into Flames of War was the latest in an evolution that started with SPI and Avalon Hill board games more than 3 decades ago.  As a gamer I have always been interested in how the hobby used the latest technology available to grow and to reach gamers who may not have time to sit down for a 2-6 hour board game.   The latest “tech toy” we all seem to have is the tablet, and like the PC 15 years ago, war gaming has embraced this technology too.

Editor's note: This isn't strictly Flames of War, but it felt more at home here than over on The Outpost. -S

One of the latest games to hit the iPad is “Battle of the Bulge” by Shenandoah Studios.  The project started as a kickstarter investment and hit the Apple App store in December 2012.  The game is designed by veteran board gamer John Butterfield and captures the essence of the classic board games of the past while using the iOS platform to perfection.

Battle of the Bulge is an operational game that gives the player an opportunity to either launch the desperate 1944 Ardennes offensive as the German commander or to stem the tide of the surprise attack as the Allied Commander.  No matter what side you take, the game is no cake walk and will challenge the player until victory is achieved.
German forces close in on the Meuse; is victory at hand?

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Soviets vs Finns: Breakthrough

With the upcoming Williasmburg Muster tournament, there are some very interesting constraints put on your list. The armies are 1200 points, with no more than 400 points in armed vehicles AND no more than 5 total vehicles. To that end, Sean and I put together some lists to try the format out. The games are still played on standard sized boards. We rolled and came up with "Breakthrough". Naturally, the Soviets would be attacking.

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