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Friday, December 13, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Sarissa Precision Weapon Bases - Bigger and Better Than Ever!

by Scott Simoneau

(After some conversation on the forum about gun basing, this seems like an appropriate article. Thanks Scott! - Judson)

So after doing the last review on Sarissa Precision's weapon team bases, I fell in love, and decided I needed something....bigger. (That's what she said hey-oo).

Today we have even bigger versions of the classic we love.

It's the same style - a MDF base with a thin piece of solid cardboard underneath. These clock in at 120mm diameter, and have nine holes/bases you can use for figures. This lets you create a large, nice looking, scenic base, while still being able to remove crew as casualties.

The bases listed on the website are stock standard 60mm bases as reviewed before, but you'll notice a disclaimer line "Other sizes and configurations can be done also, contact us for details of these." So, in theory, you could get any size you want. The pricing remains reasonable, although I've since forgotten how much exactly I paid.

So, let's see 'em in action! First up, we have some Polish guns courtesy of Bob from the forums.  I glued one crew member for each gun down to the whole base, and the rest are detachable.

Next up we have some shots of John Wildman's Soviet gun.

And John Brader was kind enough to do up a Pak40 on one.

All in all, if you're looking for a basing solution for your guns of any size, these Sarissa Precision bases are highly recommended. They are a UK company, but I've not had any issues placing orders with them from the U.S. over the past several years.

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