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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Northern Research Station: Tanksgiving Extravaganza

by Craig Baxter

Happy Tanksgiving from the WWPD Northern Research Center.  We recently had our annual Tanksgiving grudge match.  Ten players faced off against each other in an all armor cage match.  Everyone brought a 1500 point tank company and faced off for control of a massive 6ft by 8ft table.  We played eight turns and by the end the table was full of wrecks.

Players set up their forces.

German positions anchored by Ferdie

Allied forces line up

Allied air power is shot down

Ferdie take shots at the Soviets

German air takes out some tanks

Allied M10s open up

More tanks storm forward

Sherman tanks smoke a Tiger

An 88 overlooks the battlefield

The German armored front

The Allied armored front

Marders, Tigers and Stugs hold down the flank

Tiger on the prowl

German support units

Allied air picks on Ferdie

The battle rages on

All their bombs miss

Armor lines up for battle

Soviet armor gets shredded

Allies advance

More tanks get wrecked

Stuarts up the middle

Close quarters fighting in the center

German air support takes out more tanks

Panzers in the grass

Sherman tanks in the grass

German AA takes aim

Stugs get flanked by Stuarts

Stuarts vs Tigers

A Panzer gets knocked out

Air support misses Ferdie again

Boom Boom Pow

Panzer reserves arrive to support the Marders

AA rages on

Clustered panzers get attacked

A Stug gets popped

The center is full of smoke

Allied air is shot down

Allied air miss Ferdie again

The Germans ended up winning the game.  Allied players brought three air assets and they were fairly ineffective throughout the game.  I don't think they knocked out a single tank.  Meanwhile, the German air was very effective.  Ultimately the allies were not able to deal with heavy german armor, which won the day.

If you played a Tanksgiving game join our talk on the forum.

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