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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Game Vault Early War Picture Dump

By Eric Lauterbach

The Game Vault Early War Tournament was held
December 7th, a day that will live in infamy. At least for some FoW players. It was 1500 point Early War open with no restrictions on books or armies and I had the pleasure of running the thing. I tried to match armies from the same book as much as possible.

Bill Dorais took first place with the French, Luke Melia was 2nd Place with the Japanese and Jon Baber was 3rd with German Panzer.  Special thanks to the Game Vault for providing a couple of tables of terrain the space to play, lunch and everyone walked away with a blister! 

Good fun!
Chris Corman all happy round one.

Tim Grimmett Russian Infantry vs. Mitch Reed Japanese Infantry.  This was the most epic battle all day.

Luke and the Japanese attacking Chris Gobel's Russian infantry

Sean "Throck" Sarah the French Panhorde vs Paul Westermeyer  German Fortville

Jon Baber vs Wally Johns

Chris Gobel...probably really sick of Luke and Japanese sense he had him last tournament

Chris played Brit Division Cavalry and Bill Dorais French Infantry

Podcasting between rounds

Eat this monster in fighting withdrawal 

Baber attacks Bill in fighting Withdraw

Tim Grimmett sets his defense to prepare for the "Throck-Assault"!

Wally's first fight against the Japanese...the first one is always the hardest. (ed: that's what she said)

Ken Jacobsen (Back) Finn-fort company fights the Japanese.  Bill and Baber early in the fight.

Panhorde assaulting strelkovy... YICK

Throck and Bill battle for first place in a all "French" affair.  Bill does look "Vichy"

Lukes Japanese rumble over the Finnish trenches

Wally and Chris slug it out.

Bob Everson attacking with Russian T-26 mob

Eating the Russian elephant

Thanks again to Chuck Feduke and all the folks at GameVault!!

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