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Friday, December 13, 2013

Fall In Picture Dump

Fall In Picture Dump

By the Throckmorton, Judson and Luke

Fall-In is a convention put on by HMGS, usually in October or November at the Lancaster Host in Lancaster, PA.  It is the smallest of the HMGS conventions, however it packs a lot of action into a weekend.  If you have not attended one of their conventions you are truly missing a great time. 

If you listened to the "LIVE from Fall-In" podcast, you know how much we enjoyed this convention.  We gathered up some pictures to give a brief pictorial overview.  If you missed Fall In, make sure you book now to catch us at Cold Wars, in March!

The boys game upon the board. 

Massive dealer hall. 
Flames of War Saturday Red Bear vs. Grey Wolf Tournament:

Our lovely TO's for the Grey Wolf vs. Red Bear tournament. 

Throck's StuG's from his Sturmkompanie army. 
Saturday Bolt Action Tournament: 

Scott Simoneau rolls with the ersatz Polish armored car in Bolt Action. 

Aaaaand, back to the Saturday Flames Tournament

Yes, but does it hetz?

Alan won the fully painted army from the Flames tournament. 

Ed came up just short (on strength of opponent) while Mitch revels with the rest of us in the middle of the pack. 

A scatological nightmare...
Yes, this would happen to be the giant septic truck that had to be called in on Friday morning, the opening day of the convention, for the men's restroom.  This was Judson's worst nightmare come to life. 

The registration line is not shown in the picture, but it is directly across from the restroom.  The people in line just shook their heads, not in amazement, but rather a sense of group shame.

I don't know what game was going to be played here, but the terrain was awesome!

Look at these suave dudes right here.

Friday Flames Doubles Tournament:

Here is a quick look at some of the tables used for the doubles tournament.  Let us know what you think of them.

Part XII, whence we game upon the board:
Chris and Miles gearing up for their first game of Eclipse Friday night.

Dano loves the taste of Jon's cranium.

Waiting for the results of the tournament.

Game of Thrones game.  In this picture Jon is making someone pay the Iron price. (ED: THE IRON PRICE!)
Random, and all around cool bits:

This is the BSG game.  It looks so good.  It just has that epic space combat feel to it.

All's Quiet on the Martian Front.  I have no idea how it plays, but it looks fantastic!

Hey you guys want to see my Light Ranger?

And the coolest tattoo of the convention goes here.  You have to be a Dr. Who fan.

Luke and Jon gatecrashing Scott and Chris's game.

This Luke's loot from the convention.  So what if his kid's won't have a Christmas this year.  Daddy got enough to go around.

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