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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bolt Action - Break Time BAR Style

Happy Holidays from all of us at The BAR!

Here's a WWII-related image from each of the regions we live in; a little Christmas card from everyone.

From everyone's friend Baxter:

A bit of Attu action.

Here's a blast from the New York past, courtesy of yours truly.

Someone will probably (hopefully) whip out a "well actually" on me for one of these pictures. Finding them was as complicated as typing a state name and WWII, so chances are one or two of these will have nothing to do with WWII at all. Thanks Google.

Dano sends his love from parts unknown.

The life of a mercenary!

Captain TO wants to share a little Second World War Pennsylvania history with everyone.

The Dutch fought in WWII. I think that might be a Dutch Castle.

CH wants you to take a good long look at his state. Apparently it's all contained aboard a boat.

And from everyone else involved with the site and the show, enjoy your holidays safely, and good gaming to you!

Make sure you keep in touch over the forum while you're traveling.

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