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Monday, November 4, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Dixon - British Commandos

Dixon Miniatures is a UK based company that make a variety of figures for various gaming periods.
Recently I got my hands on some of their Partisans, LRDG section, and British Commandos for Bolt Action.  If you have read my last review, you know I really dig these figures.   Dixon may not have a large range, but the figures they make will give any army you collect character.  The British Commando figures are no different.  

Dixon figures are well sculpted with lots of good detail and require near to no clean up time.  All the commando figures require no assembly except the radio man, which needs to have his radio attached to his back.  The figures come in a variety of poses and have good proportions and detail.

British radioman, NCO with SMG, and rifleman.  I love the radioman.

British commandos with beret and wool hat.

The two commandos with wool hats came armed with a bren gun and sten gun.  

The green barets both came armed with sten guns.

Here are the NCO with SMG, rifleman, and radioman.

As mentioned above the radioman is my favorite.  I think he is a must have for a British HQ section.  The rest of the figure look great, but are not as charcterful as the LRDG or Partisan models.  They are more generic.  Which is not a bad thing, they still look great.  I give them a solid 8.5 out of 10 wool hats.

If you're experience with Dixon Miniatures or want to talk about this or other articles join us on the forum by clicking the link below.

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