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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Blitzkrieg Miniatures Tiger I

While there may not be a place for Big Cats in most Bolt Action games, there will always be a place for Big Cats in our hearts.  Tigers, Panthers, and other large heavy tanks are not cost effective in most 1000 point pick up games, but do have their place in scenario or historical driven games.  If you find yourself needing a Tiger for a game, definitely check out the Tiger from Blitzkrieg Miniatures.  Blitzkrieg makes a variety of quality 1/56 and 1/48 scale resin tanks and vehicles for 28mm WW2 gaming. 

Blitzkrieg is a UK based company whose products are distributed by Architects of War in the States.  Their tanks are made from good quality resin and require minimal clean up and assembly.  This Tiger tank came in three pieces, making it one of the easiest assembly jobs I have ever done. 

This Tiger from Blitzkrieg has a good level of detail and was very clean.  There were no bubbles, bulges, or miscast warping of the resin.  The kit is absolutely outstanding, especially if you don’t like assembly.  When compared to other companies, this kit is on par with some of the better gaming kits.  True it may lack the detail of a plastic model kit, but it is by no means as sloppy as Hobby Armor Depot.

Scale wise this Tiger is a good match for all my other 1/48 scale tanks and vehicles.  I’m really glad there is another option out there for us 1/48 scale junkies.  Prior to finding Blitzkrieg my only 1/48 tank options where plastic kits (which I love, but are a pain to put together) and Hobby Armor Depot (which is cheap, for a reason).  Blitzkrieg offers a high quality product at prices comparable to 1/56 scale resin kits.  This Tiger was about $30 from AoW.   For those of you who love the look of this model remember Blitzkrieg also makes 1/56 scale tanks as well.

Since the model is resin, I did fine one issue with the turret.  One set of smoke dischargers was broken on arrival.  I don’t even think the piece was in the box set.  One thing to keep in mind when handling all resin kits is that these small parts break easily.  I’ll chalk this one up to battle damage.

The tanks fits well with my infantry, although it does seem a bit large.  I Googled pictures of Tiger tanks to try to check the scale and determined I can’t tell how big a Tiger is when next to troops.  Sometimes they look bigger, other times smaller.  I’m sure the angle of the photos have something to do with that.  I like the look of 1/48 over 1/56, which seems too small to me, maybe at a certain point 1/48 is too big.  Oh well.

Blitzkrieg looks to be expanding their range, but right now it is limited, with only a handful of options for each nationality.  My hope is that their range continues to grow.  I give this Tiger 8 out of 10 Big Cats and would be more than thrilled to spend more money on their products.  Blitzkrieg offers high quality tanks at a reasonable cost and require almost no assembly, it is nothing but a win for you when you buy from them.
If you own models from Blitzkrieg, have questions, or want to kick it join the conversation on our forum.

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