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Monday, November 11, 2013

News from the Front Episode 66

Click here to download Episode 66!

In Act I, the guys cover their recent adventures, including lots of painting, Dutch armoured cars, a preview AAR, Halloween and other shenanigans.  [Editor: When Dirty Jon says Cromwells, he means Churchills]  For Act II, Eric dives in to a historical look at artillery and its effectiveness up to WWII.  After that, the guys dive head-first in to the recent Red Bear update from Battlefront.  To round out this act, the guys talk Battlefront plastics.  In Act III, the guys hit commonly overlooked rules to include: Night Fight, Spearhead and Gun Tanking.

In After Hours, the guys discuss the impact of RHQ rankings and tournament play.  They also discuss the practical applications of seeing players based on rank.  We wrap up with talk of Eric's trip to Disney and Universal.

Check out Episode 66 After Hours!

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