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Monday, November 18, 2013

Infinity Terrain: Rust Forge Shipping Crates

Rust Forge had a sale on their Cargo Containers last week, so I picked up five to add to the Infinity terrain collection.

The kit arrives with three plastic sprues per crate. The plastic isn't super high quality, and they don't work well with "plastic glue", so be ready to get your fingers stuck together gluing them together.

They can be assembled with the doors open or closed (or a mix of the two), but I elected to build all of mine closed. 

It's always fun getting grey plastic terrain that I intend to leave grey, because I will prime it black, and then repaint it grey. Oh well. Hit with a very brief white drybrush and they're good to go. I attempted to put some graffiti decals on them, but they didn't stick well to the ribbed surface, sadly.

 And last but not least, some action shots from an Infinity game played this weekend with the crates in action.

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