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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fanticide: Flying Monkey Warband

Let's take a loot at the Flying Monkey warband kit for Fanticide, produced my Eureka Miniatures and available from Alien Dungeon.

The kit contains:

  • 12x flying monkeys with spears
  • 12x flying monkeys with swords
  • 8x flying monkeys with bows
  • 6x flying monkey command squad
  • 2x flying monkey magic carpet teams
  • a bunch of the green plastic Renedra bases and some pewter bases/flight stands

Each section comes in it's own baggy, with a seperate baggy for all the "right" wings and one for all the "left wings"

The figures are designed for slotted bases. You can flat bases. To compensate, there's a little pewter stand thingy to place them in.

Or you could just use standard slotted bases.

I elected to cut off the slot part, so I could still use the provided bases for the majority of the figures. After all, we're reviewing the kit as is, so I didn't want to edit TOO much.
 With that said, eight of the figures come with "flying bases". Provided is a pewter base with a soft pewter rod. This bothered me for two reasons:

  • The base is slightly larger than the rest. While in terms of Fanticide gameplay I don't think it would be a big deal, the aesthetics of it would turn me off.
  • The soft pewter rod will bend and/or break.

As included.
So, my solution was to use standard 25mm rounds, drill a hole in the bottom, and use sturdy brass rod!

A little bit of green stuff in the hole for extra security.

Wala - flight stand!

 Assembly of the figures was a bit of a pain. The figures are mostly one piece - except for all the wings. The wings didn't take too much effort to assemble, just using standard super glue. Only a few of them required green stuff to hold, and I didn't pin any of them. However, they are pretty fragile, and since painted, I have broken off a few of them.

 I didn't take any WIP shots of the painting, because, well, there's not a ton too it. I airbrushed everything brown, picked out flesh, hats, skins, and wings, and then brushed on a nice coat of Army Painter Strongtone.
In terms of gameplay, the Flying Monkeys are a fairly mobile, but individually weak faction. They don't have any outright Vices (negative special rules) - they're just fairly weak. But they do all fly, and the entire army has access to the Eek!Eek! rule.

First up, we have the Bomber Flying Carpets. So these are actually monkeys on flying carpets that throw poo-bombs from above. Since I don't really feel like playing with poo-bombs in my gaming, I just painted them like rocks. In game, they can both fly and "shoot" with the same action, and if any targets are stunned or killed, the entire unit must make a sanity test.

 The warband is led by Flying Monkey Legend Band. They consist of a single monkey carrying a magical orb, and a band of five musicians who are simply ablative wounds, and will pick up the orb if the leader is killed. The carrier of the orb can use it as a devastating single shot shooting attack, and it confers him three command points as well.
Next up we have eight Flying Monkey Shootists. They have pretty poor stats, being basic troops, but high mobility being flyers, and well, shooting never hurts.

We have twelve Flying Monkey Slashers. While their base stats again are poor, they have +1 give in close combat due to the sword.

Not quite as awesome as the Slashers, the Flying Monkey Stickers have spears, which only give the +1 give bonus when defending. They are, however, a bit cheaper.

Figures provided by Architects of War

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