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Thursday, November 14, 2013

BT-7A from Battlefront (SBX25)

by Eric Lauterbach

Based on the Christie Suspension, the BT series Light Tank was the Soviets answer for the vast spaces of mother Russia.  They could run on tracks across country or on wheels for roads.  The BT-7A evolved from this series as a Regimental Gun company's answer for the need to incorporate a Tank Regiment.  It was an Artillery tank which mounted the 76.2mm howitzer and was capable of carrying 40 rounds of ammo if it had a radio and 50 if it did not.  The Turret was not the same as the standard BT-7 since the howitzer would not fit thus, a T-28 turret was used instead. The added weight of a larger turret to the BT-7A artillery tank killed its ability to run on wheels.

Battlefront's Early War version of the BT-7A (SBX25) is crisp model with some surprising detail!

The stats from show the dual threat of the vehicle.

I included these specs so you could see where the rear turret MG is placed. The box art on SBX25 was not assembled correctly and they left off the MGs.  Also note the AA MG mount.

For $35 USD you get 3 Tanks per box which means you need two boxes to make the full Company.

These are the parts I got in my box  I was given the wrong number of Machine Guns. In fact, I did not get enough hull mounted MG's to put on both the mandatory rear turret MG and the coax MG.

Flash on the MGs and bit on the tracks, buy nothing major.

The 76.2mm howitzer is molded as part of the hull.   I was really impressed with Battlefronts ability to do this.  The gun is super crisp and has great detail.

You need to glue the exhaust system and rear turret MG on.  The turret MG goes in the dead center mine kept moving around on me.  Since this turret can be for nothing else you would think they would have made spot for it.

These are the AAMGs I have no clue how BF expects you to attach these things.  Nothing is provided to make it look right.

This is how they go...good luck making that mount out of green stuff.

Once assembled they paint up great!

No decals were provided in the box. I have seen very little markings in photos anyway.

The Upside:  I really think this is a good unit to have in your kit.  At 160 points you are getting a six gun battery that can bombard and also has Volley Fire.  That is a sweet deal in my book for blasting out guns and infantry teams.  Plus the 3+ fire power in early war is a great thing to have when those pesky Panzer IIs come running around.   The resin model is crisp with great detail. I was impressed with it.

The Downside:   The only draw backs are the AAMG mount which is optional for the vehicle and the lack of including the proper number of hull machine guns, I only got 5 and you need 6. Hopefully, Battlefront will correct that in future boxes.  Another odd thing is since the box art shows BT-7A that are assembled wrong I had no idea where the machine guns go.  I had to find pictures on the internet for that, something Battlefront could easily correct with a assembly guide, which to this point is not up yet but is on the way.

So in conclusion go buy these guys and blast Nazi Hitlerites!

Models provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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