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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bolt Action - Bolt Action Radio Episode 17

Episode 17 is cocked and ready to rock your ears off with Captain TO, CBax, CH, and Jud With Three Ds. First off, CH tells everyone about the recent tournament at Huzzah, then the good Captain and company get into a preview of the Bolt Action-Action coming up at Fall-In. In the second segment, the most recent FAQ changes are discussed in-depth.

Download the BAR here! 

Speakeasy brings Dano and Judson together with Dave o' War from The LRDG podcast. The three miscreants tear into each other with the ferocity of three skinny pale teenagers at a Kaine show. Dave's next tournament list is offered up as sacrifice to the BARbarians, and the boys talk lots o' shop about it, and Bolt Action in general.

Download the Speakeasy here!

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